2019WYYC Prediction Giveaway

If you are the best predictor for the World Yo-Yo Contest, you can win a great prize!
The three best predictors will win!
If there are more than 3, we’ll choose the 3 winners randomly amongst them.
We will be contacting the winners by e-mail, so please be sure to enter with an e-mail address you check often!

And, All predictors can get 10% OFF Coupon Code for REWIND and YOYOUSA!

*Exclude New Items, Limited Items and Sale Items.
*You can not use this coupon at WYYC REWIND sales booth.

You can get it when you submit your prediction. Don’t miss it!!

1st place – US$50 gift certificate to REWIND Worldwide or YOYOUSA
2nd place(2 winners) – US$30 gift certificate to REWIND Worldwide or YOYOUSA
All predictors – 10% OFF Coupon Code to REWIND Worldwide or YOYOUSA

[How to Join]
1. Like our Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/YoYoStoreREWIND
2. Like & share the post of prediction giveaway.
3. Input this entry form.
4. Win the prize!!

[2019 WYYC Website]

[Prediction Period]
Augst 8th, 24:00 (Japan Time)

If you enter more than once, we will only count the latest entry. (It’s for preventing multi-entry.)

Good luck!!


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