New yo-yo brand from the United States, SFyoyos, will be available at REWIND and YOYOUSA! Bi-metal model SF SS coming soon in a REWIND exclusive color!

SFyoyos, a brand from the United States, started surfacing in conversation among core yo-yo fans on social media in late 2016. Their first yo-yo, the SF, which has a very smooth and round design, was well loved, so much so that it became a popular throw instantly. Their team has many well known players like Paul Harness, aka @yoyoist who uploads super high level tricks on Instagram, SEC 1A Champ, Alec Jones, and 2017 US Nationals 5A 3rd place, Jared Marcus. SF is one of the up and coming brands of today, and one you definitely won’t want to miss!

REWIND is the first retailer to carry SFyoyos, and the first model available will be a bi-metal model, the SF SS! On top of that, they will be a REWIND exclusive colorway!

The SF SS is based on their first model, the SF, and has embedded stainless rims inside. Its feeling is incredibly unique. It’s like playing with a mono-metal, with no strong pull or heaviness of a bi-metal, but the length of spin is truly something to behold. It spins way longer than it feels from the initial throw!

We have a very limited number of this special exclusive color. Try one while you can! They will not last long.


10 DEC. 7:00 pm (PST) / 10:00 pm (EST)

11 DEC. 10:00 pm (Japan Time)
11 DEC. 1:00 pm (GMT) / 5:00 am (PST) / 8:00 am (EST)

Special Price on Yo-Yo Sets for the Holidays

Happy Holidays!

We’ve lowered the price of our yo-yo sets just in time for the holiday season.

These sets include everything you’ll need to start playing yo-yo, and will make the perfect holiday gift for friends, family, or even yourself!


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We’ll also try to accommodate your gift wrap preferences to the best of our ability (ex. If it’s for a birthday or something else). If you need to make a reasonable special request, please send us a message through our contact form after you have placed your order.

*If the gift wrap option is purchased, please allow for 1-2 extra days before shipping.

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Don’t miss it!

[YOYOUSA Instock] C3yoyodesign – Bastet, Initiator


Radius + Capless. The thin rim gives this round yo-yo unique feeling.

It’s similar to the Capless, with a flat face and the specs of the Radius for a truly interesting playfeel that fits very comfortably in the hand. As you play more with it, it will find itself in your hand more often. It has the great balance of the Radius, but the smoothness of the Capless that gives it really sweet rejection tricks. That smoothness also lends itself to intense long combos.

With the flat face, it has a large attractive logo design. It uses a standard size C bearing, but by switching to a C-, you can make a tasty metal yo-yo that even beginners can throw. This combo makes a great step up model for beginners looking for their first taste of full metal.

Weight (g)     65.4
Diameter (mm)     56.18
Width (mm)     43.29



The Initiator has been updated with an improved spacer and axle system.

C3’s first looping yo-yo has been redesigned thanks to the input from player feedback. The biggest improvements have been in the spacer and axle system, making it even easier to handle and maintain. Right out of the box, Initiator is a perfect fit for players new to looping, and by switching to the metal spacer you can get competition-level looping performance with minimum effort.

The new axle is much stronger than the original Initiator, made from a more robust material that is much harder to break. Thanks to this, C3 has also reduced the chance of your yo-yo gaps getting messed up due to a mid-air collision. As for the performance itself, it doesn’t matter what your level, or what kind of looping trick you attempt, the Initiator is a solid throw for players of all kinds. C3 has made great strides towards the ideal looping yo-yo with their new Initiator.

Of course, you can modify the responsiveness of the yo-yo with looping oil. Aside from C3’s own string, we recommend using Type 6 (50/50), Type 8 (50/50), or K-String’s poly 100% string. Although this model uses a starburst response system, it is an exception to the rule and can handle 100% polyester strings.

Weight (g)     52.2
Diameter (mm)     58.39
Width (mm)     34.97