[YOYOUSA Instock] C3yoyodesign – Bastet, Initiator


Radius + Capless. The thin rim gives this round yo-yo unique feeling.

It’s similar to the Capless, with a flat face and the specs of the Radius for a truly interesting playfeel that fits very comfortably in the hand. As you play more with it, it will find itself in your hand more often. It has the great balance of the Radius, but the smoothness of the Capless that gives it really sweet rejection tricks. That smoothness also lends itself to intense long combos.

With the flat face, it has a large attractive logo design. It uses a standard size C bearing, but by switching to a C-, you can make a tasty metal yo-yo that even beginners can throw. This combo makes a great step up model for beginners looking for their first taste of full metal.

Weight (g)     65.4
Diameter (mm)     56.18
Width (mm)     43.29



The Initiator has been updated with an improved spacer and axle system.

C3’s first looping yo-yo has been redesigned thanks to the input from player feedback. The biggest improvements have been in the spacer and axle system, making it even easier to handle and maintain. Right out of the box, Initiator is a perfect fit for players new to looping, and by switching to the metal spacer you can get competition-level looping performance with minimum effort.

The new axle is much stronger than the original Initiator, made from a more robust material that is much harder to break. Thanks to this, C3 has also reduced the chance of your yo-yo gaps getting messed up due to a mid-air collision. As for the performance itself, it doesn’t matter what your level, or what kind of looping trick you attempt, the Initiator is a solid throw for players of all kinds. C3 has made great strides towards the ideal looping yo-yo with their new Initiator.

Of course, you can modify the responsiveness of the yo-yo with looping oil. Aside from C3’s own string, we recommend using Type 6 (50/50), Type 8 (50/50), or K-String’s poly 100% string. Although this model uses a starburst response system, it is an exception to the rule and can handle 100% polyester strings.

Weight (g)     52.2
Diameter (mm)     58.39
Width (mm)     34.97


2017 AP Prediction Giveaway Result

Thank you for your participation of 2017 AP Prediction Giveaway.

3 Winners are below:
1st place – Brian Leung Pak Wai – US$50 gift certificate to REWIND Worldwide or YOYOUSA
2nd Place – Wayne Xiu – US$30 gift certificate to REWIND Worldwide or YOYOUSA
2nd Place – Chih-En Tsai – US$30 gift certificate to REWIND Worldwide or YOYOUSA

We will send gift certificate code to their e-mail.

[YOYOUSA Instock] YoYoFactory – Loop720 (Japan Ver), Nine Dragons, Spinstar LED

Loop 720 (Japan Ver.)

The Looping AP World Champion, Shu Takada helped to craft this ultimate looping yo-yo!

Tweaking looping yo-yos was a fine art for early players, and now they’re taking that knowledge and doing the work for you, maxing out the limits of what the specs will allow. Looping yo-yos are particularly finicky, so it takes a practiced hand to make it awesome. With the help of world champion in the artistic performance (AP) division, Shu Takada had a hand in making this yo-yo the beast that it is. Thank to their designs, you barely need any maintenance to keep this top spinning forever.

A change in the design includes the switch to a starburst response area, and a metal spacer to lock the gap at the perfect looping width for beginners and professional players alike. We suggest a string length of around 70-75cm for maximum performance. K-String normal works best for us!

An affordable throw, the 720 makes it easy to pick up two for the rigors of two-handed looping!


Nine Deagons

Black / Clear Yellow

With its entire body wrapped in a full cover stack, Nine Dragons offers potential that is truly next-generation.

Sleep loss has been the enemy of yo-yo designers since we started throwing string tricks. YoYoFactory has been fighting the good fight since the beginning, and has now teamed up with Chen Jia Lin to come up with a new way to keep your tops spinning indefinitely. The V5 Catch Parts are so radical, they might be considered a new genre of yo-yos.

From the response area to the edge of the rim, the entire yo-yo body is shrouded in a full cover stack that spins freely from the yo-yo body. This means that when the string (or anything else) touches the yo-yo during play, it has little to no effect on the amount of spin. This alone is like the holy grail of string trick yo-yos, but the design also offers new opportunities for players to expand their bag of tricks. You can literally grab the yo-yo in mid-play, adjust its tilt, and grind it endlessly on your fingers.

In the future, Nine Dragons will take its place as a pivotal model in yo-yo history.


Spinstar LED

The perfect light-up yo-yo for beginners! Spinstar is a basic yo-yo that looks great no matter how well you play.

The Spinstar is THE beginner model, and this version is loaded with bright LEDs to make you look even cooler (as if it were possible). The bodies are made of clear plastic, so while the yo-yo is spinning it will glow the same color as the logo on the side (Red or Blue).


2017 Asia Pasific Yo-Yo Competiton (2017AP) Prelim Freestyle Video


1st Hiroyuki Suzuki

2nd Ahmad Kharisma Luhur
3rd Hirotaka Akiba
4th Daiki Tanaka
5th Arata Imai
6th Shinya Kido
7th Zhong Jiaen
8th Garbkamal Limangkul


1st Arata Imai

2nd Tomoyuki Kaneko
3rd Hiroyasu Ishihara
4th Akio Niitsuma
5th Yuuki Yamaguchi
6th Yuki Takami
7th Minh Hieu Tran


1st Hajime Miura

2nd Yuto Yamaguchi
3rd Yuki Kurumisawa
4th Shuji Kinoshita
5th Li Tiancheng
6th Min Kyu Kim
7th Yuki Fujisawa


1st Hajime Miura

2nd Shuji Kinoshita
3rd Shinya Muraki
4th Yuan Jia Jun
5th Kuo Po Han
6th Yoshimi Koga
7th Takumi Hakamata


1st Miggy Hizon

2nd Yoshihiro Abe
3th Naoya Takeuchi
4th Ju Ziliang
5th Yuto Yamaguchi
6th Seiya Ototsuji
7th Javier Soong