Easter Campaign

Happy Easter!
Spring is the season of renewal, so what better time to get yourself a sweet discount on some fresh new yo-yos and accessories! Items site-wide are now 10% off until Midnight, April 23rd (PDT). We’ve also hidden some even better deals throughout our store, so grab those easter eggs while you can. Happy hunting!

[Supported by DUNCAN] Buy a Duncan bi-metal yo-yo, be entered to win a Duncan Wheels “New York Toy Fair” Limited Edition!

Very soon, Duncan’s brand-new model, “Grasshopper GTX” will be available.

Duncan has also released some other great high performance bi-metal yo-yos. To give more people a chance to try them out, we’re running promotion campaign!


If you buy any of the following models during the campaign period, three lucky customers with a qualifying purchase will win a Duncan Wheels New York Toy Fair limited edition.


[Models subject to the campaign]

[Qualifying Period]

Purchase placed between March 1 and March 31

It’s a great chance to try Duncan’s modern bi-metal yo-yos. Don’t miss out!



As many of you know, YO-YO USA has been a sub-store of REWIND for five years. Now, we have decided to re-brand YO-YO USA as REWIND USA.

Starting soon, we will be making some changes to the store little by little over the course of a few months. Please check our social media and the YO-YO USA page for updates.

Don’t worry, it will still be Zac Rubino (the 2014 US National Champion in 4A) running REWIND USA and moreover, REWIND Japan will work closely with him to make REWIND USA even better than before!

This is REWIND’s 10th year in business, and we, REWIND JAPAN, WORLDWIDE, and USA, look forward to continue bringing you “A LIFE WITH YO-YO.”

[YO-YO USA] [Catch ‘em all at $4.99] Pokémon Poké Ball Yo-Yo

So I herd u liek return topz!
Congratulations! Your POKÉ BALL evolved into YO-YO.

Thanks to the awesome toy makers in Japan, we now have yo-yos shaped just like Poké Balls, the monster capture item from one of the most popular game series ever, Pokémon! With five authentic types to choose from, you just know you gotta’ catch ’em all!

These official licensed yo-yos are usually only available in Japan from a capsule vending machine. We got them from the source to bring them straight to Pokémon (and yo-yo) fans from Kanto to Unova, Kalos, Alola and beyond!

All it takes is one look at these beauties to see that they are very good looking Poké Balls for being such an inexpensive toy. The yo-yo itself has a plastic spool inside and is playable for some basic tricks.

But wait…A wild DISCOUNT appeared! MEOWTH used Pay Day. It’s super effective! If you buy more than $30 worth of products (excluding shipping, tax, and Pokeball yo-yos), the price of Pokeball yo-yos will be reduced to $4.99 each, discounted from the original price of $9.99.

*If you meet the conditions, the discount will be applied automatically to your shopping cart.

These yo-yos are fun to play with, and so stinkin’ cute. Don’t be a Slowpoke. Get yours while our supplies last!

Pokemon Pokeball Yo-Yo