Duncan – Orbital, Pandamonium, Freehand Pro Sakura



Orbital is the new signature model of 2016 and 2017 European 1A champion, Tal Mordoch.

Taking up the mantle from the Haymaker, Orbital is Duncan’s second bimetal yo-yo and the signature model for 2016 and 2017 European 1A champion, Tal Mordoch. Compared to the classic shape of the Haymaker, Orbital is based on the Exit 8. It has diameter of 53mm, which makes its 43mm width feel wide in the hand. The stainless rim gives the Orbital plenty of power for speedy play. The H-profile and sharp straight body that gives the yo-yo a light but “just-right” playfeel.

To prove its chops, Tal used the Orbital when he took 1st at the 2017 European Yo-Yo Contest (EYYC). Give the freestyle a watch to see what the Orbital is capable of!

Weight (g)     65.3
Diameter (mm)     53.49
Width (mm)     43.01



Duncan’s first yo-yo machined from POM plastic, Pandamonium is the new signature model of Filipino off string champion, Sean Perez.

Dynamic and difficult tricks are always accompanied with a huge smile, when Sean Perez takes the stage. He’s one of the ambassadors of yo-yo in Asia, and has lon held the title of national 4A champion in the Philippines. The Pandamonium is his new signature off string model. The name is a nod to Duncan’s famous Flying Panda, one of the first mass-produced off string models, but the design concept of Pandamonium is a big departure from the injection plastic and rubber wings of the off string division’s early years. Machined from POM plastic using the same techniques as metal yo-yos, the result is much stronger and more resilient than polycarbonate, with the same precision as high-end metal yo-yos. The bearing and response areas are identical to the Skyhawk.

With its low edge and special shape, the Pandamonium maintains its balance even at low speeds, giving the potential for some crazy long combos and wild freestyles. We can’t wait to see what you can do with this one!

Weight (g)     81.2
Diameter (mm)     78.20
Width (mm)     60.11


Freehand Pro Sakura


This upgraded version of the Freehand was designed with competitions in mind.

The Freehand is synonymous with the Duncan lineup, being the flagship plastic model of the brand for decades. To bring the Freehand to a new generation of players, Duncan has improved on the original design to bring it up to date.

Low edge and a wide size C bearing give the new Freehand excellent sleep times. The response pads have been swapped out for the new friction pads, which are a standard size that gives you a chance to try a variety of response pads. Without any modifications, you’re guaranteed to get the best performance right out of the box.

The reborn Freehand is a plastic yo-yo we want to see in everyone’s hands. From casual fun to complex tricks, the Freehand is your new best friend.

Weight (g)     64.6
Diameter (mm)     58.02
Width (mm)     43.33


[REWIND / YOYOUSA Instock] YoYoFactory – Edge, Shutter, Flight, Nightmare


Edge is the signature model of Evan Nagao, who just took 5th in the US Nationals 1A division.

Gaining the attention of players all over the world with his freestyle, Evan Nagao now has a signature model that matches his unique style. With the midship weight and outer rims, Edge is a bimetal model that provides a much different feeling than the usual bimetal throw.

Although it’s lightweight for a bimetal yo-yo, the Edge still has some weight to it that you feel when you throw, but still moves nimbly when mounted on the string. Slightly wide at over 46mm, it’s clear that Edge was built for Evan’s speedy play style.

With its wide body, ease of control, and the power of its bimetal design, the Edge is sure to be your new ally regardless of your style of play.

Weight (g)     65.9
Diameter (mm)     55.04
Width (mm)     46.90












[Instock] onedrop – Prescription, Kraken


Combining the concepts of the Cascade and Project 2, Prescription is a wide, step-round full metal throw.

Prescription is a fusion yo-yo, combining onedrop’s flagship Cascade with its infamous Project 2 to make a glorious, wide, step-round full metal yo-yo. You can clearly see its roots in the body shape, and those signature grooves from the Project series are present for their unique texture and grind feeling. The body is wider than the Cascade, and is designed to improve your hit ratios, explicitly for the contest scene. With a difference of only 1mm in width, Prescription has a vastly different feel from the Cascade.

Tested for every kind of play, the design team polled players and asked them what they wanted. They found out what was ailing them, and wrote a Prescription for fun and adventure!

Weight (g)     65.5
Diameter (mm)     53.59
Width (mm)     46.42



Exploring the depths of yo-yo design so you may soar to new heights! Kraken is an oversized monster with a 60mm diameter!

Onedrop is continuing its collaboration with the game developer Re-Logic, to bring another of its digital yo-yos into the real world. This time, it’s the Kraken they’ve brought to life.

The Kraken boasts a diameter larger than any other yo-yo in onedrop’s lineup, at 60mm wide. The body is curvaceous, which makes it feel even larger in the hand. The side face doesn’t use any side effects, but has a small mound protruding from the axle area, which is sure to make you feel nostalgic for the ondrops of yesterday. The shape is an intriguing mixture of round and H-profile, but still fits very comfortably in hand.

In the game, the Kraken has an ability called “Infinite Spin.” Onedrop thought it would be unfair to the other yo-yo makers, so they left that part out of the real-world model, but we’re sure you won’t find anything in its performance to complain about.

Weight (g)     65.2
Diameter (mm)     60.04
Width (mm)     45.13

[YOYOUSA Instock] Magic YoYo – Skyva

Jeffery Pang, the owner of Luftwerks, had a hand in designing this impressive plastic yo-yo!

Luftwerks, the company specializing in full-titanium yo-yos, has collaborated with Magic YoYo to create the SKYVA. Owner Jeffery Pang brought his material design knowledge to the table, creating a low-cost plastic yo-yo with impressive stats. SKYVA makes a great step-up model but won’t disappoint advanced players as a premium plastic yo-yo. At 58mm in diameter and 45mm wide, the body is slightly larger than standard full size yo-yos, but its weight is on the light side, giving it a soft, casual playfeel despite the power given by its large body. The result is both powerful and fun to play, and the more you throw it the more appealing it becomes.

A great yo-yo at a low price, SKYVA also hides another hidden power: its top-on game is phenomenal! You’d be hard pressed to find a yo-yo that handles finger spins as well as the SKYVA, thanks to its special concave spot in the center of the side face. Just throw the SKYVA horizontally and pop it onto your finger; the yo-yo will center itself and spin on your fingernail for ages! Check out the promo documentary below for more about this amazing new throw.

Weight (g) 66.9
Diameter (mm) 58.15
Width (mm) 45.42