Ryosuke Kawamura Presents : Shingo Terada

Ryosuke Kawamura just totally made my week!

Shingo Terada remains one of my favorite 5A players of all time, and he was a HUGE early influence on the entire style of play. His 5A repeaters remain some of the hardest to pull of smoothly, as he reminded me last time I was in Japan when after an hour of struggling neither Petr Kavka nor I could do any of them.

Shingo Terada is still my go-to player when people ask me how to smooth out their yoyo play, and it’s exciting that he’s not only still competing (and doing well), but that he’s been practicing for 2015 Worlds!

Return top used is the CLYW Wooly Marmot 2.

Ryosuke Kawamura Presents : Shingo Terada

(via YoYoNews.com)

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