For Beginners

For Beginners

There are tons of options nowadays, not just between yo-yos themselves, but types of yo-yos. So which one is right for you? Well, let’s find out! For your first yo-yo, you’ll want a simple model with easy or no maintenance. These yo-yos are also the cheapest available.

1. For Complete Beginners

If you’ve never picked up a yo-yo before, or haven’t mastered the basics, we recommend these fun models:

■Crossdragon $19.99

■Brain Classic 2012 $19.99

■Reflex $9.99


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These models set off the new Hyper Yo-Yo boom, and are ideal for beginners. With these models, kids and adults alike can practice the basics. A special device in the body will automatically return the yo-yo when it starts to slow down. For this reason, these are called “Auto-return” yo-yos. As you get better at throwing the yo-yo, it will stop at the end of the string instead of coming back immediately. This move is called “Long Sleeper.” With practice, the yo-yo will sleep longer and longer before coming back. For more complicated tricks, a long sleep will be more important. Auto-return yo-yos are great for learning these basic moves, which is why we recommend them so strongly for beginners. If you throw it right, it will spin for a long time. If you throw it wrong, it will come back on its own quickly.

For Those Who’ve Mastered the Long Sleeper

If you have a little experience with yo-yos, and know how to throw one, but haven’t tried anything more complicated, these yo-yos might be a good fit.




These yo-yos have a larger body and spin even more than those above. The body shape is different as well, much wider and heavier than the yo-yos you might be used to. Their design is far better than the top-performing yo-yos of yesteryear, and at a fraction of the cost. If you can do a long sleeper but want to level-up, these models are a great value.


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