How to choose your first bind yo-yo

What is a bind yo-yo?

If you could master the trics in “Basic Trick 1” you are ready to try a Bind with a bind setting yo-yo.
A Bind is a trick to return a non-responsive sleeping yo-yo to your hand.
>> Bind

A yo-yo that requires that technique to come back is called a “Bind yo-yo.”
We will introduce some recommended Bind Yo-Yos.

How to choose your first Bind Yo-Yo


If you pull up on the string the yo-yo won’t come back.

If you keep using a tug response yo-yo, you won’t build your bind skills.
You must use a bind response yo-yo to advance in yo-yoing.
We recommend using a yo-yo that is set for a bind response from the beggining.

Strong spin power.

You can use bind yo-yos for a long time because they have a strong spin power.
For advanced string tricks you will need strong spin power because they require a long sleep time, and a strong spin power will help you avoid losing control after a small miss.

Recommendations for your first bind yo-yo.

Krown Set

You should use a little bit of string trick oil to help your bearing last longer.
We recommend YYF Performance Oil (Long Spin) etc.

>>How to put oil on your bearing.

Replacement Pads

Most bind yo-yos are equipped with response pads.
Pads wear down with use, so you will eventually need to repace them.
You should have some replacement pads as a backup.
Pads are different sizes depending on the yo-yo.
You should check “Response” in your yo-yo’s product details to see what size fits.

>>Responce Pad Lineup (REWIND WORLDWIDE)
>>Responce Pad Lineup (REWIND USA)

Replacement Strings

Of course, you will also eventually need to replace your string.
It is important for bind yo-yos too.

>>String Lineup (REWIND WORLDWIDE)
>>String Lineup (REWIND USA)

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