An advanced version of Brain Twister. The way you mount the yo-yo on the string and the way you get out of the trick are different.

1. Extend your free hand forefinger so that it’s parallel to the front of your body.

2. Do a Sleeper in front of your extended finger and let the string touch it.

3. Like you would with Trapeze, use the yo-yo’s movement to send it over your finger and land it on the string.

4. Now, do one full rotation of a Brain Twister.
*You can also use your forefinger to guide the rotation.
*OR rotate without your forefinger.
(Either is okay!)

5. Lower your throw hand, release the string and catch.

The hardest part is in the beginning when you mount the yo-yo on the string.
*Don’t move your hands to the sides.
Once you get used to doing all parts of the trick, try doing them all together non-stop.

Landing your sleeping yo-yo on the string over your finger like this is called a “Bottom Mount.”