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REWIND Performed at Iwakura Sakura Matsuri 2015

On April 4th, also known as Yo-Yo Day in Japan, we performed at our town, Iwakura’s, Sakura Matsuri (Cherry Blossom Festival).

The main stage area on the festival grounds.

We have performed at other past events in Iwakura City but this Sakura Matsuri is the largest event and biggest audience we have demonstrated for yet.

MC Kazuki explains while Shinya demonstrates basic yo-yo tricks.

Hiro’s 5A freestyle. After that he fought against the gusty wind and also did a 4A freestyle.

Kazuki’s 2A freestyle.

Shinya’s 1A freestyle.

The weather report forecasted rain, so we were worried, but it cleared up in the morning and the nice weather lasted throughout our performance. Thanks to that we could perform in front of a huge audience.

After our demo, IIWAKUN One yo-yos sold out at Iiwakun’s booth.
*Iiwakun is Iwakura City’s mascot character. Click here for more information.

We would like to thank everyone who came to see our performance and bought our yo-yos!

YoYoFactory ONE (Iiwakun Edition) Now In Stock

YoYoFactory – ONE (IIWAKUN)

As you may know, YoYoFactory’s ONE is a staple model for yo-yo beginners. For this new edition, Yo-Yo Store REWIND has partnered with our hometown, Iwakura City in Japan, to bring you the Iiwakun ONE.

Iiwakun [pronounced ‘ee-wah-coon’] is the mascot character for Iwakura City in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, and works as an ambassador to promote our beautiful town. He is what you would call a “Yuruchara” in Japanese.

Even though REWIND is mainly an online store selling to people worldwide, our office and store front both happen to be in Iwakura, and thus we also have participated in many local events to promote yo-yoing here. Through that we couldn’t help but run into Iwakura’s super cute mascot, Iiwakun. REWIND staff taught him how to yo-yo, and he even came to the 2014 Central Japan Yo-Yo Contest (also held in Iwakura) to cheer on all the competitors there. Since we like Iiwakun so much we thought it would be fun to make a special Iiwakun yo-yo, and after getting permission from the nice people at our city office we set to work! The resulting yo-yo, the Iiwakun ONE, is a triple collaboration between YoYoFactory x REWIND x Iwakura City.

In addition to selling the Iiwakun ONE at Yo-Yo Store REWIND, there are plans for it to be sold at our city office, local events, and more. We’re hoping this will be an opportunity for more people who aren’t as familiar with yo-yo to encounter this fun hobby.

The Iiwakun ONE comes in four different colors: Blue, Red, Black and Green.

One side cap features the traditional ONE logo, while the other side depicts Iiwakun in all his adorable glory.


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