2018 REWIND Ranking Top 10

These were the Top 10 most popular yo-yo models on REWIND Worldwide in 2018. Wanna know the best of the best from last year? Did your favorite throw make the cut? Scroll down to find out!

10th Silenus (Top Yo)

9tn St. Elmo (Turning Point)

8th Cognition (UNPRLD)

7th Borealis (CLYW)

6th Atomic Crash (C3yoyodesign)

5th Flashback (UNPRLD)

4th Cadence (SFyoyos)

3rd Loop 720 (YoYoFactory)

2nd Omnitron (C3yoyodesign)

1st Bliss (SFyoyos)

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