How To Change The String


How do I replace my old string?

1. Remove the old string

grab the string close to the yo-yo, letting the yo-yo dangle just below your hand. Looking from above, spin the yo-yo counter-clockwise, which will untwist the string, allowing you to remove the yo-yo from the string.


2. Attach a new string

take the twisted (closed) end of a new string and untwist it, opening a loop. Expand the loop and insert the yo-yo, cleanly retwisting the string up to the axle.


2.5 Wrapping a string twice

Auto-return yo-yos need their strings wrapped twice around the axle. Once you attach the string, and before you retwist the string, twist it once and then pull the yo-yo through the loop again.

If you don’t do this, the auto return function will not work and the yo-yo will not come back on its own. To get the most out of your yo-yo’s functions, always wrap the string at least twice. Don’t forget to adjust the length when changing strings.

There are many different types of strings, which one should I get?

There are really only two types of string used today, Polyester and Cotton/Poly blends.

100% Polyester

Durability and moderate softness unmatched in the past.
You can’t go wrong with these for modern yo-yos!

50/50 Mix: Cotton/Poly

Old Duncan Yo-Yo (Butterfly), etc.
For machines that the old generation used to play