How to Remove Hubstacks

Some yo-yos, like the YoYoFactory Grind Machine and 888 come loaded with hubstacks or z-stacks. This page is to show you how to remove those parts, if the occasion arises.

You’ll need a tool to remove the stacks. A set of pliers will do. If you’re working with Z-stacks, You’ll be using a string instead of the pliers. You’ll also need some tissue and a pencil.

Let’s do it!


0. Cover the hubstack with a tissue and grasp it with the pliers

The tissue helps protect the stacks, you’ll want to use 3 or 4 sheets. If you’re removing Z-stacks, you don’t need tissue.

This is what it looks like without tissue, for illustrative purposes only

1. Rock the hubstack free

Just like removing a yo-yo’s bearing, grasp the bearings and rock them gently until they come free.

Alternately, if you can fit a string under the stack, you can use a string to remove it.

Using a string to remove a Z-stack. Be careful not to pull too hard, or you might send small parts flying everywhere!

2. Removing the O-ring and bearing

Use the tweezers to remove the o-ring, and the bearing should be removable by hand.

3. If the bearing is stuck to the hubstack, use a pen or bearing remover to separate them

You don’t really need to store these parts separately unless you want to, but be careful with small parts.

4. Replacing the stacks

To put the stacks back on, the order should be Bearing -> O-ring -> Stack. Just pop them back on and check to make sure they’re spinning properly.

>>YoYoFactory Hubstack Assembly instructional