How to Remove a Bearing

If you’re unable to remove a yo-yo’s bearing by hand, it may be necessary to use a set of pliers. Especially recently, high performance yo-yos have very tightly seated bearings, which are difficult to remove. Here’s instruction on how to properly remove it without damaging either the bearing or your yo-yo.

You’ll need a set of needlenose pliers. Test them before buying, to make sure they’re the right size; you want a snug fit. Be sure to use these tools carefully, and not to let young children handle them on their own.


Use bearing remover.

For bearing removers, use YYF Multi-tool or Azumi Techno Bearing Remover, which are specially made for yo-yos.

Since many yo-yos are equipped with size C bearings, common removers are also designed for size C bearings. If you have a yo-yo with a different size bearing, you will not be able to use a bearing remover for a size C bearing. Please check the size of the bearing on your yo-yo beforehand.

Disassemble the body and remove the axel.

If the yo-yo is disassembled and the accelerator (shaft) is attached to the body on the side with the bearing, remove the accelerator first. If the axle is still attached, it may hit the remover.
If the accelerator is attached on the opposite side of the bearing, there is no need to remove the accelerator, so proceed to the next step.

Insert the remover into the inside of the bearing .

Remove the bearing by sway the remover from side to side.

Pull the remover gradually while sway it from side to side. The key is to do it slowly, not all at once.

Use pliers

0. Take apart the yo-yo

Be careful when dismantling your yo-yo, as it’s easy to drop and lose small parts. Use a desk if available.

1. Grab the bearing with the pliers

using the round smooth teeth on the pliers, firmly get a grip on the bearing.

If you want to be especially careful, place two sheets of tissue over the bearing before grabbing it.

2. Rock the bearing out of its seat

The way to remove the bearing is not to pull it straight out, but rather to rock it left and right to free it from its seat.

3. That should be it!

Once you get the hang of it, this is a very easy process.