Using the Solid Spin Axle System

YoYoJam’s Solid Spin System allows you to switch out bearings to easily go from tug response to bind response. Some yo-yo models come with bearings for both settings, and some only come with one. This tutorial includes instructions for how to switch out your Solid Spin bearings.

You’ll need a Solid Spin yo-yo with a large bearing, a thin bearing (found here).

The thin bearing on the left will give you a tug response, and the thicker bearing on the right is for bind response.

A. First, let’s try the thin bearing

This is the best setting for newbies or returning veterans. The thinner gap makes it easier for the string to touch the response pads, making the yo-yo respond more easily. A mild tug will bring the yo-yo back to your hand.

For maintenance, check our our guide for oiling your bearings and changing out response pads. Solid Spin yo-yos are compatible with genuine  CBC Pads (slim size).

B. Once you’re ready to start Binding, try the thick bearing.

The thicker bearing will keep the string away from the response system, making the yo-yo less responsive, requiring a bind response. The maintenance for replacing pads, and the types of pads you can use for string trick play are the same as the thin bearing. Just don’t oil your thick bearings.