[Yo-Yo] TopYo – Silenus Review by TokYo-Yo

Silenus is the full metal version of the wide-bodied H-profile of the Mojo.

Top Yo’s flagship plastic model, the Mojo, get a full metal treatment with the Silenus. Its greatest characteristic would be the wide H-profile that is preserved from the Mojo, making Silenus a great throw for risky acrobatic tricks, where you may need a little extra help hitting that string.

The switch in materials amounts to a power-up, making much longer combos possible. Whether you’re practicing tricks or making up new ones, or performing for a crowd, Silenus is here to see you through it. And at this price, it even makes for a great upgrade for players looking to step up from plastic to full metal.

*The Silenus is NOT made for fingerspin tricks, and does not have the concave spot that is on the Mojo.

TopYo – Silenus

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