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The Dune is the new signature return top for Anthony Rojas!

Designed by Chris Mikulin to incorporate all of Anthony’s favorite features in a return top, the Dune features a unique weight distribution makes it play faster than anything else in the CLYW line, making it one of the most contest-ready monometals we’ve made to date. The curves, both on the profile and inner cup of this return top, speak directly to Anthony’s own design sensibilities. Drawing on past return tops that Anthony has competed with but refined to truly fit his tricks, the Dune carries forth a new level of playability for Anthony with plenty of that CLYW style you’ve come to love.

Anthony and Chris worked closely to get this one *just right* and we hope you love it as much as we do!

Made in China

Weight (g)     67.8
Diameter (mm)     55.69
Width (mm)     42.34

Sturm Panzer – WY-009 NM9, WY-008 PAKFA

WY-009 NM9

It’s like the Night Moves is all grown up! This new masterpiece bears a midship weight, and is ready for primetime in “Florida.”

The NM9 arrives right at the heart of the story, and rather than long sleep or speed, in an unprecedented concept it is designed for “Florida.”

Out of respect for YoYoJam, who had an everlasting impact on the yo-yo contest scene, Sturm Panzer pays homage with their design of the NM9, which incorporates reimagined design elements of the high-end Night Moves series, which pioneered bimetal designs before the name existed. Even the name is a tribute to the Night Moves, with 9 representing the 9th edition story book that comes with it.

The body contains a midship weight, which became a trademark of YYJ’s designs in their final years. Although Sturm Panzer has continued making their bimetal yo-yos with size D bearings, they switched to the Jam Large (size C) bearings for this model, out of respect for the original. They hope to give a taste of “Florida” to the nostalgic and those who weren’t able to be there in years past. We recommend using thinner string with this yo-yo, such as the 100% poly the String type 6.

At the end of the book is a special article about the Night Moves series, from the very first model to the famous phantom Night Moves 8.

Weight (g)     66.8
Diameter (mm)     54.63
Width (mm)     43.10


The WY-008 PAKFA is an undersized Stealth Ogre with a size D bearing.

The Stealth Ogre lives on! Mass production has begun, and the the new WY-008 PAKFA maintains the Stealth Ogre’s silhouette with a considerable size-down. The size D bearing used places the WY-008 in the undersized genre.

With larger, mid-sized yo-yos becoming the mainstream, naturally the demand for yo-yos in other sizes diminishes. The PAKFA refuses to be held back by its size, and much like the noisy cricket from Men in Black, it shows us what an undersized weapon is capable of. Sturm Panzer insists that the real power of the PAKFA is the bimetal design and size D bearing, which creates a weight balance that leaves the PAKFA spinning furiously for days. Compared to monometal designs, Sturm Panzer is taking a different angle at the undersized weight class.

For players who aren’t used to undersized throws, to dismiss the PAKFA too quickly would be a mistake. Rather, the PAKFA shows you just what undersized yo-yos are capable, giving you the same spin as a much larger yo-yo with crazy good mobility. We’re sure you’ll be captivated by the PAKFA!

Since the PAKFA is deployed to the military in the storybooks, the coloring is particularly sharp and professional.

The PAKFA set comes with Sturm Panzer Storybook 8 (A5 size, 44 pages).
Weight (g)     61.1
Diameter (mm)     50.81
Width (mm)     40.40

[YOYOUSA Instock] Sengoku – Musashi


Musashi is a metallurgic masterpiece, combining 7068 aluminum and stainless steel.

Sengoku’s Kenshin was the first yo-yo to incorporate 7068 Aluminum, and now they’re combining it with stainless steel to create a very special bimetal throw. Without any frills or gimmicks, Musashi is designed in the pursuit of spin, its strong but light inner body works with the dense outer rim to deliver on this simple concept.

Its most notable feature is the one you can’t see: the fact that its main body is made from 7068 aluminum, an alloy that is even stronger than the popular 7075 alloy. By switching materials, Sengoku was able to produce a design that would be impossible otherwise, carving even more material out of the body.

With straight shapes comes straight feelings, as the Musashi’s simple profile gives a sharp feeling in hand, capable of whipping out with incredible speed, like the famous Samurai’s sword. Musashi definitely lives up to its namesake

Weight (g)     65.3
Diameter (mm)     56.51
Width (mm)     43.80

[YOYOUSA Instock] Japan Technology – Ashiru Kamui Light, AIRE Japan Edition



Extra low edge and increased weight make the Japan Edition a very special Aire!

The original Aire was based on the Kamui, the first machined off string yo-yo that made Japan Technology a sensation in the off string universe. This version of the Aire pushes those specs and true to its name, incorporates the “Hinomaru,” red circle of the Japanese flag into the side motif.

The edge has been brought down to further to reduce sleep loss and make play smoother. Thanks to an additional 6 grams of body weight, the Aire is so stable that it keeps spinning true through even the wildest off string tricks. This weight gain was made using the POM plastic body material instead of metal weight rings, so not only is the weight distribution of this Aire unique, it also makes it a price-down version of one of JT’s top-end models. The result is a very stable off string yo-yo that also feels very responsive to your commands.

Weight (g)     81.2
Diameter (mm)     77.95
Width (mm)     58.14

Ashiru Kamui Light


The new ally of top-end off string players is here: the Ashiru Kamui Light is not to be missed!

Specializing in the design and production of off string yo-yos, Japan Technology has disregarded its own profit margins to bring you the Ashiru Kamui Light, an off string yo-yo cheap enough for beginner players, but with the performance of its much more expensive delrin brethren.

Instead of machining this yo-yo our of delrin plastic, Japan Technology opted to use the same dies to create a mold-injected version of the Ashiru Kamui, made instead from polycarbonate. The resulting yo-yo is lighter than the delrin version, easier on both your hands and your wallet. With almost the same body shape as the delrin model, the Ashiru Kamui Light is no slouch in terms of quality and performance.

Overall, the material isn’t the only change to this yo-yo, which was made to give the optimal off string experience. Its gap is finely adjusted with the included plastic spacer, and the JT response pads were also designed especially with off string play in mind. Because of this attention to detail, the Ashiru Kamui Light is a superb off string yo-yo right out the box, with optimal settings for your practice, whatever your level may be. And if you want to change your settings at all, you can do with with some parts sold separately.

For its amazing performance and ridiculously low price, the Ashiru Kamui Light is a true masterpiece from Japan Technology.

*Since the yo-yo is colored using dyes, it’s possible that the color may fade with use. Due to the injection-molding process, there may be inconsistencies in the coloring at specific spots.

Weight (g)     69.5
Diameter (mm)     80.81
Width (mm)     52.66