2017WYYC Freestyle Video


1st Shion Araya

2nd Andrew Bergen

3rd Gentry Stein

4th Yamato Murata

5th Yuki Nishisako


1st Shu Takada

2nd Hiraku Fujii

3rd Takuma Yamamoto

4rd Chenghao Yi

5th Yuki Takami


1st Hajime Miura

2nd Minato Furuta

3rd Alex Hattori

4th Mizuki Takimoto

5th Tomoya Kurita


1st Rei Iwakura

World Yoyo Contest 2017 4A Division – Rei Iwakura – flim by C3…

FLAWLESS, JUST FLAWLESS, THIS IS REI IWAKURA WYYC2017 FLAWLESS FREESTYLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#wyyc2017 #ReiIwakura #flawless #c3yoyodesign #yoyonews

C3yoyodesignさんの投稿 2017年8月12日


2nd Michael Nakamura

3rd Chen Zhao

4th Yuki Uchida

5th Yuki Nishisako


1st Takuma Inoue

2nd Naoya Takeuchi

3rd Hideo Ishida

4th Kai Zhang

5th John Wolfe

WYYC2017 Go Team USA Campaign!

The 2017 World Yo-Yo Contest will take place this weekend in Reykjavik, Iceland! Though it may be far from the good ol’ U.S. of A., many American players have made the trek north to face the rest of the world in hopes of taking home the top prize. Among them is YO-YO USA’s manager, Zac Rubino, who will be fighting it out in the 4A Division. Let’s cheer for Team USA! 🇺🇸

In support of our players, we will have a flash sale after all the final results are in. We will increase the sale discount amount for each player from the USA who places in the top 3 of the championship divisions!

1 5%OFF
2 10%OFF
3-4 15%OFF
5 or more 20%OFF

Sale Period:

From Monday, August 13th, 11am –until– Tuesday, August 14th, 11 am (Japan Time)
Monday, August 13th, 7pm PDT
Monday, August 13th, 10pm EDT
Tuesday, August 14th, 2am GMT

(Campaign available on YO-YO USA and REWIND Worldwide)

Let’s cheer on our favorite players over in Iceland! May the best win!

[How-To Video] In which we introduce the YoYoFactory Multi-tool, an essential partner in your yo-yo life.

We made a video introducing how to use the YoYoFactory Multi-tool. This small tool has four different functions:

Cutting strings
Removing bearings (C, C- only)
Removing axles (M4 axle with hex hole)
Disassembling Loop2020 (adjusting the gap for Loop1080)

Of particular note, the string cutter part is situated deep in the body of the tool, so it is much safer than carrying a knife or scissors in your bag or pocket.

Another 3A combo from Singapore 3A Champion, Thawhir Iqbal!

This time, slack and laceration are the main elements. It has a good timing of two yo-yos moving relatedly. The more you practice, the smoother this combo will be.

Lastly, catching two yo-yos at the same time with different moves must be fun to watch and to do. Give it a try!

Next time we will have an amazing combo from a worldwide famous 1A player from Thailand! Don’t miss it!

Rewinr Remind 8/4 [10% OFF Coupon]2017 WYYC Prediction Giveaway / [Video Contest & Audition!] “REWIND SPOTLIGHT”

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[10% OFF Coupon]2017 WYYC Prediction Giveaway

If you are the best predictor for the World Yo-Yo Contest, you can win a great prize!
The three best predictors will win!
If there are more than 3, we’ll choose the 3 winners randomly amongst them.
We will be contacting the winners by e-mail, so please be sure to enter with an e-mail address you check often!

And, All predictors can get 10% OFF Coupon Code for REWIND and YOYOUSA!

*Exclude New Items, Limited Items and Sale Items.
You can get it when you submit your prediction. Don’t miss it!!

2017 WYYC Prediction Giveaway

[Video Contest & Audition!] “REWIND SPOTLIGHT”

Our new video contest event “REWIND SPOTLIGHT” is here!

This is a two-minute video contest with an element of audition.

– We will have a Special Award for each video contest Sponsoring Brand.
– If the brands find someone they are interested in, they may sponsor the player.

It’s not promised that all the sponsors will sponsor someone for sure. However, all sponsoring brands will watch all the videos to look for their video contest winner and potential members.

Each brand seeks different talent and skills. Please appeal to them in your own way.

Of course, this is not just an audition, but primarily a video contest. Even if you are not interested in finding a sponsor or you are already sponsored by someone, you can still enter the video contest and win the prize from the brands!

Even if you’re not a super skilled player, you have many other options. Show us a fun video, new discoveries that you made while playing, interesting ways to show certain tricks, or your cool video editing skills. Anything goes! It’s possible that the sponsoring brands may choose their awards based on any of those things, not just who they think is the best player or who they want to sponsor. If you’re shy you don’t have to enter as an individual player; why not submit a video as a team, family, group, or yo-yo club!

Also, even if you are already sponsored by a brand, you can still enter the video contest! If that’s the case, please make sure you state your sponsored status in the submission form and in your video’s description.

The submission deadline for all entries will be on September 10th.

We’ll be waiting for your video!

[Video Contest & Audition!] “REWIND SPOTLIGHT”

New Arrival

UNPRLD x TOP YO – Elimination General Yo – Mini Star 2
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Magic YoYo – Vulfgang
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