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C3yoyodesign – Gamma Crash Review by TokYo-Yo
POM and Stainless come together to create a marriage of softness with a metal ring.

C3 liked this soft POM body they put a ring on it! This is C3’s first composite yo-yo, and they’ve brought all their expertise to the table to ensure it retains the smooth playfeel of their current lineup.

Slightly larger than the body is wide, the addition of the steel ring adds a power-up that spins Gamma Crash with incredible power. The softness of POM with the power of metal gives you the control and speed of top-end bimetal yo-yos, with the soft catch of light plastic yo-yos.

Although they aren’t using metal for the body, they machined the POM (also known as engineering plastic) just the same, so it still has the high-end feel of a machined yo-yo. We’d really like you to taste the balance of weight and ease of use the Gamma Crash offers. C3 has sought to overcome the barriers of mixing new materials and techniques to bring you the best yo-yos, and the best of both worlds.

Artist: Eric Skiff
Album: Resistor Anthems

8-bit Music

[Yo-Yo] YoYoFactory – ROCKstar Review by TokYo-Yo

The ROCKstar, the perfect step-up model, gets a renewal seven years after its initial release.

For many players that have gotten hooked on yo-yos, the ROCKstar was the first full metal model they lusted after. Designed to be an instant classic, unfazed by the trends but still be made to the satisfaction of the most demanding players, the ROCKstar was designed as a promotional model, between Yo-Yo Company and YoYoFactory.

Its simple step-straight body shape has survived the years, and even this refresh hasn’t changed it much. Compared to the straight, sharp edges of the inner body, the side face features a beatiful sloping curve that rolls out from the flat center face all the way to the rims. Thanks to this exquisite weight distribution, ROCKstar boast a power and feeling that is only bested by how easy it is to control. The light body won’t wear your arm out, even after extended practice sessions, while you come up with new tricks to impress your friends and fans.

In addition to single-handed string tricks, of course the ROCKstar can easily throw down some counterweight (5A) and 2-handed string trick (3A). For the price, you can’t beat it as a step up model, and you can affordably fill your contest tray with these puppies!

Also, if you aren’t quite ready for the bind response tricks, you can step the bearing down to a size C- bearing (sold separately), letting you turn your ROCKstar into a tug-response model. If the response gets too weak for you, you can use a drop of looping oil, and don’t forget to freshen up your response pads every now and then with YYF Pro Pads (Green).


For this video it’s

Music by Rolemusic, “Crush at Maraca’s Bar”

[Yo-Yo] C3yoyodesign – KROWN Review by TokYo-Yo

A long-awaited renewal is finally here! this is the new signature model of 2009 1A world champion, Shinya Kido.

First released in 2013, Krown was C3’s first signature yo-yo for 2009 champion, Shinya Kido. Still active and serving the community, and has brought the cost of his signature model down along with tweaking the design to greatly improve its power and stability, make fingerspin tricks easier than before, and incorporated feedback from other players to make the Krown the best it could be!

First to go was a little weight off the belly, the new Krown is in the 64 gram range. C3 achieved a fine balance of stability and lightness. You can casually throw one or settle in for some serious speedy play, whichever you prefer.

The shape of the side face is designed to direct your finger to the center of the yo-yo without requiring you to be dead accurate; the wide sideways catch zone will make top-on a breeze!

If you are just looking to try full metal, or get into bind response, or just looking to step up your string trick game, step up to the Krown and let it lead you onto the contest stage. It’s already a champion’s yo-yo, what are you waiting for?


Music: Epic Song by Alpha Brutal