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[Yo-Yo] YoYo Empire – Boreas II (POM) Review by TokYo-Yo

Another sweet option from YoYo Empire’s full POM body lineup, Boreas II has an inverse round design.

YoYo Empire’s POM body lineup, including the Notus, Eurus, Zephyr, and this Boreas II all are full POM-bodied throws with a metal hub forming the fingerspin spot over the axle, giving them all very attractive and refined looks. Each one has a different profile and body shape, letting you taste how those design decisions affect how the yo-yo plays, when all else remains the same. Machined from warm and soft POM plastic, they’re all a joy to throw.

The Boreas II has a smooth S-shaped inverse round profile, giving it a complex but enjoyable playfeel that combines power and control in a compact package.

The Boreas II comes in alternate flavors that use different body materials, including POM plastic, polycarbonate, and a metal rim variation. This is the POM plastic version.

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[Yo-Yo] TopYo – Silenus Review by TokYo-Yo

Silenus is the full metal version of the wide-bodied H-profile of the Mojo.

Top Yo’s flagship plastic model, the Mojo, get a full metal treatment with the Silenus. Its greatest characteristic would be the wide H-profile that is preserved from the Mojo, making Silenus a great throw for risky acrobatic tricks, where you may need a little extra help hitting that string.

The switch in materials amounts to a power-up, making much longer combos possible. Whether you’re practicing tricks or making up new ones, or performing for a crowd, Silenus is here to see you through it. And at this price, it even makes for a great upgrade for players looking to step up from plastic to full metal.

*The Silenus is NOT made for fingerspin tricks, and does not have the concave spot that is on the Mojo.
TopYo – Silenus

[Yo-Yo] YoYoFactory – Spinstar Review by TokYo-Yo


Brought to you by one of the world’s leading competition yo-yo maker, Spinstar is the ultimate yo-yo, for beginners!

Quite possibly the easiest yo-yo to pick up and start playing for the first time, Spinstar is designed for the beginner in all of us; you don’t have to try to yo-yo, you just do. Even if you never picked one up before, you can discover the joy of yo-yoing immediately. And it’s made by guys who know yo-yo, they’ve been behind a whole mess of champions.

The size balance is perfect for adults and children.
This yo-yo is well suited for players regardless of how tall they are or how hard they can throw, Spinstar has been designed so the only setup and maintenance needed is replacing the string and adjusting string length. Adults and children can play side by side with the same yo-yo.

Long sleepers are even longer, thanks to the low edge and V-shape body.
From the side, the body is shaped like the letter “V” with something known as a “low edge,” which means the shape keeps the string away from the response pads. That way, your yo-yo stays spinning as long as you can bust out tricks, until you’re read for it to come back. The “V” also makes it easier to catch the yo-yo on the string, so old school tricks like Walk the Dog and Elevator are easy to pull off.

No special maintenance required, just refresh the string!
In the old days, yo-yos needed to be oiled to perform well. With the Spinstar, you don’t have the hurdle of “maintenance” to get the most out of your yo-yo. Just when the string gets old and dirty, just switch it out for a new one!

Tangled? No problem! Spinstar is easy to open up
To open up your yo-yo, just grip both sides of the yo-yo, then spin them apart like opening a soda bottle. The sides will easily come apart, and you can fish the string out easily.

*when reassembling, first make sure the plastic axle is tightly screwed into one side of the yo-yo, then tighten the other side.

“Even better than before,” is the ongoing mission of YoYoFactory, and they’ve created the perfect yo-yo for beginners to start from zero. Pick up this yo-yo, and pick up yo-yoing!

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