[Yo-Yo] YoYo Empire – Possess II Review by TokYo-Yo

Possess II:

The Possess II is a double-rimmed bimetal update to YoYo Empire’s flagship model.

A rare sight amongst bimetal models, the new Possess captured our attention with its use of double stainless steel rims, strategically placed to give YoYo Empire’s flagship model an overall power-up. Everything has been cranked up on this cost performance model, except for the price!

The body material has been upgraded to the more durable 7075 aluminum alloy, which makes the yo-yo stronger overall and allowed them to reduce the wall thickness for fine-tuned weight distribution. This shift in materials also enhances the effect of the double steel rim weights, maximizing power and control while reducing the overall weight of the yo-yo. The playfeel is light and stable.

YoYo Empire has put a lot of thought and effort into the Possess II, and it’s worthy of becoming the flagship model of tomorrow!

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[Yo-Yo] YoYoFactory – Wedge (PC) Review by TokYo-Yo

[Wedge] http://www.yoyostorerewind.com/en/wedge-pc.html

The full metal body of Evan Nagao’s signature model has been remolded into polycarbonate plastic for a lighter, more casual throw.

This is the third signature model for 2017 US National Champion, Evan Nagao. Based on the shape of the Edge and re-imaged in polycarbonate plastic, retaining the metal hub area used on the POM version that made it perfect for practicing fingerspin tricks. This ability is enhanced by moving the logo out to the outer edge, leaving that central hub smooth and ready for fingerspin practice.

Despite the change in materials, YYF managed to retain much of the same feeling of the bimetal Edge by modifying the body shape. The result is a plastic yo-yo that throws more like a metal one, with all the power and stability you expect from metal. Perfect for players of all levels, from beginners all the way to champions themselves.

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[Yo-Yo] Duncan – Raptor Review by TokYo-Yo


This new Raptor is the signature model of our own Shibuya store manager (and legend in his own right), Shingo Terada, AKA Terry. This yo-yo is small size and easygoing, just like the man himself!

Terry pulled from the past, adopting a soft curved body that pulled him into freehand in the first place. The famous round profiles of the earlier Duncans made it hard to put these yo-yos down, and Terry wanted to bring back that nostalgia, but in a modern package that obeys your every command. The soft catch is really smooth and pleasant, and you can adjust the yo-yo’s weight by installing the plastic side caps, another nod to the past. The caps also give you an opportunity to customize the coloring of your Raptor, an added personal touch. It’s easy to find this yo-yo at your hip more often than not.

*with side caps installed, the weight bumps up to 64.2 grams.

Comes with: Candy Dice and a set of Raptor Caps (2pc)

[Comment from Terry]
The new Raptor is designed with the same side face and overall body shape as the past, with the same response pads as the MKT, and the inverse round profile as the Strix in order to minimize sleep loss and get the most out of your throw. Compared to the 53.5mm diameter of the old Raptor, we’ve succeeded in sizing the new one down even further, giving you an incredible sense of torque in a very small package. All of those updates, without losing sight of the original Raptor, gives the new Raptor a refreshing sense of originality. Of course, the new Raptor is compatible with Duncan’s FH Zero side caps, giving you a chance to really make it yours. If you’re a Duncan fan, you’re going to love the new Raptor!

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[Yo-Yo] YoYo Empire – Boreas II (POM) Review by TokYo-Yo


Another sweet option from YoYo Empire’s full POM body lineup, Boreas II has an inverse round design.

YoYo Empire’s POM body lineup, including the Notus, Eurus, Zephyr, and this Boreas II all are full POM-bodied throws with a metal hub forming the fingerspin spot over the axle, giving them all very attractive and refined looks. Each one has a different profile and body shape, letting you taste how those design decisions affect how the yo-yo plays, when all else remains the same. Machined from warm and soft POM plastic, they’re all a joy to throw.

The Boreas II has a smooth S-shaped inverse round profile, giving it a complex but enjoyable playfeel that combines power and control in a compact package.

The Boreas II comes in alternate flavors that use different body materials, including POM plastic, polycarbonate, and a metal rim variation. This is the POM plastic version.

Music: Eric Skiff – All Of Us – Resistor Anthems – Available at http://EricSkiff.com/music

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