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Collecting data from players all over the world in search of the perfect specs, the Radius is built on a wealth of knowledge as its foundation. It’s also the signature model of 2016 – 2017 World Yo-Yo Contest 1A Champion Shion Araya.

In order to attain Shion’s ideal specs, C3 had to approach their design from a whole new ideological direction. The resulting masterpiece is C3’s new 7075 aluminum flagship model. The step-round Radius is perfectly suited for all kinds of tricks; it bursts with power but has a light feeling with a soft catch. The appeal of 7075 is drawn deeply from the body profile, and in a time when bimetal has come to dominate the field, Radius holds its own and performs with the best of them. At the heart of the concept, the Radius is designed to hit tricks exactly how you intend, and for it to become an extension of your body. C3 and Shion joined forces with players around the world, gathering a mountain of data to push their experience and know-how to the limits in the pursuit of perfection. The resulting yo-yo boasts power, stability, and tight control, and it fits so comfortably in the hand, many players immediately fall in love with it.

Also, thanks to the small straight step in the central body, regeneration-style tricks have a crisp snap that is sure to appeal to many players.

Please note: C3yoyodesign uses 7075 aluminium alloy to seek their best performance. 7075 is not a great material for anodizing, so Gladius has anodizing imperfections. This does not affect how the yo-yo plays. They seek the best performance, not always the best cosmetics.

Don’t take it from us, here’s Shion’s review of his own new signature model:

“Because I like a light feeling and tight control, I mainly used to use the excellent Krown.

The qualities I look for in a yo-yo include maneuverability, balanced smoothness and responsiveness and a powerful spin. We shaved 2 grams off the Krown, so in order to preserve spinning power we reshaped it to the round stepped straight profile. With a little more weight concentrated in the inner body, it looks heavier than it feels, and moves exactly as you’d expect. The three-stepped profile ends with a rounded edge, making the catch very soft, and the central steps are straight, making horizontal and rejection tricks easier.

One of the most important points in the yo-yo’s design that I wanted was the response area, which now has the crisp feeling that I love. Of course we’re using C3’s pads, but you can mix and match with other pads and string thicknesses to get the right setting for you.

We named the Radius for radiant light, the light of hope that emanates straight out. Although it’s my signature model, I want to thank C3 and all the players that helped collaborate in its design to create the ultimate competition yo-yo. Please give it a throw!”

-Shion Araya

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