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New Colors of NiGHTMOVES X & iCEBERG will be available at 10:00pm on 11/11! (JST)

Two models of iYoYo’s CNC machined polycarbonate plastic with stainless steel rims will be available at 10:00pm on 11/11! (JST)


A masterpiece of YoYoJam that prevailed in the world is remade by iYoYo!

Color variations have increased this time, and colored rims are also available!

And there is also a REWIND limited cap version (Light Blue and Purple) will be released this time as well!


iYoYo’s popular model.

Many new colors will be released this time. Stay tune!



2020 Japan National Yo-Yo Contest (#2020JN) Freestyle Videos

2020 Japan National Yo-Yo Contest (#2020JN) Freestyle Videos.


1st Yuta Kashiwaya

2nd Hirotaka Akiba
3rd Masahiro Terada
4th Izuru Hasumi
5th Shion Araya
6th Yuiga Suzuki
7th Kohei Nishimura
8th Akitoshi Tokubuchi
9th Arata Imai
10th Tsukasa Namba
11th Toya Kobayashi
12th Yasutaka Maeda
13th Toru Miyazaki
14th Koyo Hashimoto
15th Ayumu Kasuga
16th Tomoki Toyama


1st Takuma Yamamoto

2nd Arata Imai
3rd Hajime Sakauchi
4th Yuki Takami
5th Yamato Fujiwara


1st Tomoya Kurita

2nd Minato Furuta
3rd Sora Tahira
4th Yuki Fujisawa
5th Ryosuke Ito
6th Kento Itai
7th Taiichiro Higashi
8th Teruo Kameya


1st Takumi Yasumoto

2nd Yuki Uchida
3rd Rei Iwakura
4th Kaoru Nakamura
5th Tsubasa Onishi
6th Koyo Hashimoto
7th Ryo Ooishi
8th Tomohiko Zanka
9th Shinya Muraki
10th Jin Saito
11th Taiyo Katsumata
12th Yoshimi Koga


1st Yoshihiro Abe

2nd Naoki Uemae
3rd Shigehiro Yamada
4th Sora Ishikawa
5th Hideo Ishida
6th Naoya Takeuchi
7th Minami Kanou
8th Hiroyasu Ishihara
9th Ryuto Nishikawa

Over-40 Freestyle

1st Tomomi Matsuda

2nd Kazuhiro Ando
3rd Yasutaka Nakamura
4th Katsunori Nagai

Women’s Freestyle

1st Tomoyo Iizuka

2nd Miku Hanai




2020 Japan Junior Yo-Yo Contest (#2020JJ) Freestyle Videos


1st Yamato Fujiwara

2nd Hayato Itani
3rd Daiki Ikeda
4th Soma Katsuragawa
5th Yunosuke Tanaka


1st Hajime Sakauchi

2nd Yamato Fujiwara
3rd Tsubasa Kawahata
4th Miku Hanai
5th Daiki Oshiro


1st Koki Iwata


1st Satoshi Shirakura

2nd Soma Katsuragawa
3rd Togo Katsuda


1st Satoshi Shirakura

2nd Koki Iwata
3rd Tensei Sekido



[National Yo-Yo Day 2020] Review Campaign / Get a 10% off Coupon!

In honor of National Yo-Yo Day, we’re having a Review Campaign, and you can get a coupon for our store just for participating!

What is National Yo-Yo Day?

June 6th is the birthday of Duncan Toy Company founder Donald F. Duncan, who is considered to be one of the main forces in popularizing yo-yos in the 20th century. Thus, June 6th is designated as National Yo-Yo Day in the United States, and has come to be celebrated worldwide.

(By the way, in Japan, National Yo-Yo Day is celebrated on April 4th because the word for four “yon” can also be read as “yo.” 4/4 = Yo-Yo!)

To celebrate National Yo-Yo Day, we are doing a Review Campaign!

At REWIND we have a function where you can submit your own review of a product.

We want to see what you think about your favorite yo-yos!

Please choose from the list of yo-yos here. -> REWIND WORLDWIDE / REWIND USA (REWIND WORLDWIDE) (REWIND USA)
(List of all yo-yos in our store)

*In order to submit a review, you will need to have (or make) a user account on the REWIND web store.

Yo-Yos You Can Review

All full yo-yos on the REWIND web store.
*Yo-Yos that are marked as “Sold Out” are ok.
*Yo-Yos only found in the museum section are not applicable.

Review Application Period

From Tuesday, June 5, 2020, 1pm (13:00) JST
Until Sunday, June 21, 2020, 24:00 JST

Reviews submitted after the end of our last review campaign can also be subject to the campaign. However, yo-yos that have since been removed from the linked page (yo-yo list) will not be counted.

Participation Award

If you submit a review during the application period, you will receive a 10% OFF coupon that can be used at both REWIND Worldwide and REWIND USA.

*After we check your review submission, we will send the coupon to the email address registered in your REWIND web store account. Since we are checking submissions manually, your coupon will arrive a few days after you send your review.

*The coupon can not be used with set, new, and special items.

*The coupon expires on Tuesday, June 30, 2020, at 24:00 JST.

Some Things to Note

Reviews can be submitted by anyone who has registered an account at the REWIND web store.
That means we need to check each submission before it is published on our web site (and subject to the campaign).
Please note that it may take a few days for you to receive your coupon after submitting your review.

Submissions that are not subject to a Participation Award (Coupon)

– Reviews that are too short (ex. A single word or short phrase like “amazing” “cool” or “easy to use”)
– Reviews that are unrelated to the yo-yo itself (ex. Reviews about the shop, shipping, service, etc.)
– Reviews that are submitted without a REWIND web store account (Since we don’t know how to contact you, we can’t send you a coupon.)
– Reviews that contain inappropriate content, etc.

If you haven’t gotten your coupon yet…

If your review has been published but you haven’t received your coupon, please first check that there is not a problem with the email address registered to your REWIND web store account, before contacting us.
– Check that your email address was not mistyped.
– Check to make sure emails from REWIND are not being filtered out of your inbox.
(It is possible that your email provider may have flagged emails from REWIND as spam/junk mail and that they are being sent to your spam/junk folder or deleted.)
*If your review has also not been published, it is still being reviewed. It will take a few days for submissions to be checked, so we ask for your patience.

How to make a REWIND Account

1. Select “Create an Account”

2. Please fill in all fields correctly.

3. Decide your sign-in email address (REWIND will use this as your contact address) and choose a password.
4. Select the “Create New Account” button.

5. If you are sent to the “My Account” page, your account has been registered!

How to Submit Your Review

1. Select “Sign In” and sign in to your REWIND account.

2. Type in your sign-in email address and submit your password.
3. Select “Sign In”

4. Choose the yo-yo you want to review from the list of yo-yos here. -> REWIND WORLDWIDE / REWIND USA (REWIND WORLDWIDE) (REWIND USA)
(List of all yo-yos in our store)
Select the link to the yo-yo you chose to open its product page.

5. Go down to the section titled “Reviews” (under the “More Information” section). Type in your Nickname (name you want to use), Title, and Review.
6. Select “Submit Review”

*To prevent spam, our staff will manually check all reviews before they are published.

We hope you enjoy participating in this fun campaign. We’re waiting for your reviews! (REWIND WORLDWIDE) (REWIND USA)

(List of all yo-yos in our store)