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[REWIND Only] New Year Pixel Bearing Giveaway Campaign 2022

Celebrate the New Year with a fresh bearing for your yo-yo! We are giving away Pixel Bearings for free! You can get one for each yo-yo over $100 purchased.

For every $100 you spend on you order, we will give you 1 free high spec bearing! *(maximum 3 pieces per order)

Bearings subject to the campaign:

Pixel Bearing

How to apply:

Please add an above bearing of choice to your cart. If the order total (minus the price of the campaign bearing(s)) is above $100, the cart will apply an automatic $11.99 discount to your cart for every $100 you spend. If you have an order totaling $300, your maximum discount will be $35.97.


Please make sure you add the bearing to the cart for the discount to be applied to the total. If the order is split into two orders we cannot apply the campaign. Limit 3 free bearings for one order. Even if you order more than $400, you can still only receive 3 free bearings. If you failed to add the bearing to the cart and already used the check out, please message us immediately before we ship (1pm Japan Time is the deadline for any changes or additions to orders) so we can fix your order.

This is a perfect chance for you to stock up on high spec bearings! Better yet, get a free bearing for an easy upgrade to that model you’ve had your eye on. Don’t miss it!

Campaign Period:

Until January 10th (Japan Time)!

Buy over $200 and get 8-10% off your order!

There are so many ways to enjoy yo-yoing. Play with friends, family, try a new play style, play with your favorite model, or try something completely new!
Get that one model you’ve been dreaming of, try out some new parts you’ve been eyeing, or pick up yo-yos for the whole family. No matter your current joy or goal in yo-yoing, our next holiday season campaign will help get you there.

This time, if you buy in bulk you can get a big discount!

This campaign is in two stages:

December 8th – December 14th JST (Japan Time),
If your total purchase is:
$200 or more = 10% off!

December 15th – December 21th JST,
If your total purchase is:
$200 or more = 8% off!

*The discounted price will not show in the store listing, but will show in your shopping cart.
*Some New/Limited/Sale Items cannot be discounted by this campaign, but they will still count toward your purchase total to help you get the discount for other items in your cart.
*Your discount will be applied before shipping costs.
*Cannot be combined with other discount coupons.

Use this chance to finish up holiday shopping and pick up something for friends, family, and maybe even treat ‘yo’ self! Don’t miss it!


It’s time again for one of our biggest sales of the year. Black Friday is here!!

For four days only, all items store wide are an extra 20% off!
*Except new, sale, special/bundle items.

Even better, if your purchase is over $200, we’ll take another 5% off your purchase price when you check out!
*Except new, sale, special/bundle items.
*5% off on top of 20% off. Not “25% off.”

Don’t forget, purchases over $200 at REWIND (over $50 at REWIND USA shipping within the USA; over $150 to Canada) also get free shipping, so this is the perfect time to stock up on everything you need for the holiday season, as well as the upcoming 2021competition season!

This sale is available at both REWIND Worldwide and REWIND USA.

Campaign Period:
FROM: Thursday, Nov. 25, 11:59pm EST (13:59 Friday, Japan Time)
UNTIL: Monday, Nov. 29, 11:59pm EST (13:59 Tuesday, Japan Time)

Don’t miss it!

2021 JN Prediction Giveaway

If you are the best predictor for the 2021 Japan National Yo-Yo Contest (JN), you can win a great prize!
The best predictor will win! We’ll choose the winners randomly amongst them.
We will be contacting the winners by e-mail, so please be sure to enter with an e-mail address you check often!

Just for entering, all predictors will get a 10% OFF Coupon Code for REWIND Worldwide and REWIND USA!

*Excludes new, limited and sale items.
You can get the coupon when you submit your prediction. Don’t miss it!

1st place – US$50 gift certificate to REWIND Worldwide or REWIND USA
All predictors – 10% OFF coupon code to REWIND Worldwide or REWIND USA

[How to Join]
1. Follow our Instagram page.
2. Like the post for the prediction giveaway.
3. Fill out the entry form.
4. Win the prize!!

[2021 Japan National Website]

[Prediction Period]
Until Oct, 22nd, 24:00 (Japan Time)

If you enter more than once, we will only count the latest entry (it’s for preventing multi-entry).

Good luck!!