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Thank you for your participation of “Buy a Duncan bi-metal yo-yo, be entered to win a Duncan Wheels “New York Toy Fair” Limited Edition!”.

3 Winners are below:
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Sengoku Samurai will be released on April 5th!

Samurai was well-hailed during its appearance in our anniversary box! Sengoku’s latest model, Samurai, will be out on April 5th!

Its never before seen M-shape made a totally new weight distribution possible for the modern contest scene!

The stable spin lasts much longer and it still works very well, even when the sleep is getting weak.

During the anniversary box release they sold out in one minute! Don’t miss this chance to feel a brand new concept with your own hands!

[Sengoku – Samurai]

Cadence ES will be released on April 4, 10pm Japan Time!

SFyoyos’ latest model, Cadence ES, will be released on April 4th.

This is Keiran Cooper’s signature model. He is a current upcoming player who won this year’s PNWR 1A and EYYC Open divisions.

Cadence ES’s very wide body makes string landing easy, and it also sports an amazing degree of controllability. It’s perfect for speed style and dynamic play!

There’s not much change in the specs from the original Cadence, yet its weight distribution has been adjusted and optimized so the spin power increased noticeably.

The body material is A7068, which is the highest grade of aluminum alloy used in yo-yo production. Despite that, they were able to keep the price low.

This time we have a special “Shibuya edition” of Cadence ES in limited quantity! Very few will be available online.

Every time we stock SFyoyos they disappear very quickly from our stock. If you want one don’t wait too long!

[SFyoyos – Cadence ES]

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2nd Flaherty Daniel
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EYYC 2019 1A Women

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