2018 World Yo-Yo Contest Freestyle Videos (tentative)


1st Evan Nagao

2nd Takeshi Matsuura
3rd Yuki Nishisako
4th Shion Araya
5th Hirotaka Akiba


1st Shu Takada

2nd Takuma Yamamoto
3rd Hiraku Fujii
4th Man Ki Liu
5th Chenghao Yi


1st Hajime Miura

2nd Alex Hattori
3rd Minato Furuta
4th Thawhir Iqbal
5th Mizuki Takimoto


1st Hajime Miura

2nd Tsubasa Onishi
3rd Rei Iwakura
4th Koyo Hashimoto
5th Sheng-Wen Cheng


1st Sora Ishikawa

2nd Hideo Ishida
3rd Yoshihiro Abe
4th Naoya Takeuchi
5th Denny Kwan Ho Ko



2018 World Yo-Yo Contest

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EVAN NAGAO w/ YoYoFactory – Wedge (PC) Promo Video

[EN] http://www.yoyostorerewind.com/en/wedge-pc.html
[US] http://www.yo-yo-usa.com/wedge-pc.html

The full metal body of Evan Nagao’s signature model has been remolded into polycarbonate plastic for a lighter, more casual throw.

This is the third signature model for 2017 US National Champion, Evan Nagao. Based on the shape of the Edge and re-imaged in polycarbonate plastic, retaining the metal hub area used on the POM version that made it perfect for practicing fingerspin tricks. This ability is enhanced by moving the logo out to the outer edge, leaving that central hub smooth and ready for fingerspin practice.

Despite the change in materials, YYF managed to retain much of the same feeling of the bimetal Edge by modifying the body shape. The result is a plastic yo-yo that throws more like a metal one, with all the power and stability you expect from metal. Perfect for players of all levels, from beginners all the way to champions themselves.