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Cerevo 7-Magic Preorder

At long last, the light-up yo-yo that you didn’t know was possible will soon be released!

Make way for Cerevo’s 7-Magic!


The 7-Magic is a super bright light-up yo-yo with programmable LED with C3yoyodesign’s Initiator as its base.

It is equipped with 21 super bright LED lights on each side, which you can program for timing, color, and patterns, through your bluetooth-enabled computer.

It comes with two sets of spacers, a set for looping (same as the regular Initiator) and a set for sleeping (setting for regular play).


This is a sample performance of all the things the 7-Magic can do.

BLACK, one of the world’s most well-known yo-yo performers, helped with the development of the 7-Magic. In the video above, he used the 7-Magic in his brand-new show.

After performing in KURIOS, a Cirque du Soleil show, BLACK set his sights on expanding the possibilities of yo-yo. This project became possible through Black’s collaboration with the CEO of Cerevo, and after months of development it’s now on its way to becoming one of the most innovative yo-yos in the scene.

You can preorder Cerevo’s 7-Magic now!

We are now taking preorders. Once we receive the yo-yos from the maker we will ship them out. We expect to be able to ship within the month of November. If you order any other items with this yo-yo, everything in your order will be shipped together after we receive the 7-Magic. We recommend ordering the 7-Magic separately from other items if you need them sooner.

Note: The yo-yo is designed to be used within Japan. Any use of this yo-yo outside of Japan will be out of maker’s customer support/warranty. Please use the yo-yo at your own risk.

Rewind Remind 5/20 REWIND YOYOUSA Video Contest 2016

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REWIND YOYOUSA Video Contest 2016

It’s spring and you know what that means? Nice weather, new beginnings and fresh new ideas. It’s the perfect season for a video contest. Get creative and show us your best tricks!
The grand prize is a $200 USD gift coupon for Yo-Yo Store REWIND or YOYOUSA, but we also have several Special Awards up for grabs.

REWIND YOYOUSA Video Contest 2016

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[REWIND and YOYOUSA – Instock] sOMEThING – Anglam2 7075, Phaser, izm – Eclipse

This Anglam 2 is milled from 7075 aircraft aluminum.

Just like the original Anglam, this Anglam 2 is machined from 7075 aircraft aluminum, which is denser, stronger, and more durable than the standard 6061 alloy. While the general specs don’t differ from the standard version, experienced players will feel the difference when they pick up the 7075 version. Another added benefit is that 7075 aluminum is more resilient against bumps and mistakes.

This is another delicious top-end Anglam flavor, brought to you by sOMEThING.


The Superfly Remix gets a new stainless rim.

The Phaser is based on sOMEThING’s flagship Superfly Remix, adding a stainless steel rim to the mix to turn it into a bimetal model. The design actually maintains the same weight, but the steel rim gives its spin an extra boost. The maneuverability and stability are as good or better than the original, making the Phaser a genuine upgrade model from one of the best yo-yos in circulation.

The Superfly Remix is already insanely popular, but we can still handily recommend it to you sOMEThING fans out there; the redesign has made a real impression on us. The capability of this yo-yo is sure to have a huge impact on your playstyle… for the better, of course.

Hajime Miura used a Phaser to claim 1st place at his very first 2014 AP & 2014, 2015 Worlds, check out the video below.

izm – Eclipse
Weight (g) 65.0
Diameter (mm) 55.07
Width (mm) 41.72