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[Yo-Yo] YoYo Empire – Boreas II (POM) Review by TokYo-Yo

Another sweet option from YoYo Empire’s full POM body lineup, Boreas II has an inverse round design.

YoYo Empire’s POM body lineup, including the Notus, Eurus, Zephyr, and this Boreas II all are full POM-bodied throws with a metal hub forming the fingerspin spot over the axle, giving them all very attractive and refined looks. Each one has a different profile and body shape, letting you taste how those design decisions affect how the yo-yo plays, when all else remains the same. Machined from warm and soft POM plastic, they’re all a joy to throw.

The Boreas II has a smooth S-shaped inverse round profile, giving it a complex but enjoyable playfeel that combines power and control in a compact package.

The Boreas II comes in alternate flavors that use different body materials, including POM plastic, polycarbonate, and a metal rim variation. This is the POM plastic version.

Music: Eric Skiff – All Of Us – Resistor Anthems – Available at

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2018 Japan National Yo-Yo Contest (JN) Champions & Results


2018JN Final 1A 01 Shion Araya

2018JN Final 1A 02 Hirotaka Akiba
2018JN Final 1A 03 Ryuichi Nakamura
2018JN Final 1A 04 Ayumu Harada
2018JN Final 1A 05 Izuru Hasumi


2018JN Final 2A 01 Takuma Yamamoto

2018JN Final 2A 02 Arata Imai
2018JN Final 2A 03 Kiwamu Ebata
2018JN Final 2A 04 Yamato Fujiwara
2018JN Final 2A 05 Ryo Yamashita


2018JN Final 3A 01 Tomoya Kurita

2018JN Final 3A 02 Minato Furuta
2018JN Final 3A 03 Mizuki Takimoto
2018JN Final 3A 04 Yuto Yamaguchi
2018JN Final 3A 05 Ryosuke Ito


2018JN Final 4A 01 Rei Iwakura

2018JN Final 4A 02 Yuki Uchida
2018JN Final 4A 03 Takumi Hakamata
2018JN Final 4A 04 Tsubasa Onishi
2018JN Final 4A 05 Ryo Oishi


2018JN Final 5A 01 Hideo Ishida

2018JN Final 5A 02 Sora Ishikawa
2018JN Final 5A 03 Takeuchi Naoya
2018JN Final 5A 04 Yoshihiro Abe
2018JN Final 5A 05 Shigehiro Yamada
2018JN Result