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Magic YoYo – Metal Skyva will be released at June 29th.

The king of fingerspins is back.
I think I get a message every week asking for a metal version of the super successful Skyva. So here it is. Finally.

I wanted something that could exceed performance in all areas. That means more stability. More spin time. And improved fingerspins. The silky smooth Delrin cups almost float around your finger. It feels like butter. Sooo satistfying.

Only 54$. Available in retailers June 29th.

Diameter: 58mm
Width: 43.5mm
Weight: 64.7g
Colors: Space Grey/Silver

Thank you for all your continued support – you guys are awesome!! Tag a friend, spread the word!!!

<Magic YoYo – Metal Skyva>

[YOYOUSA Instock] Sengoku / Elemental – Cold Fire, Masamini

Cold Fire

This middle-sized full metal yo-yo sports a polygonal body made of 7068 aluminum.

Cold Fire is the first release from Elemental, a new sub-brand of high-end Japanese maker Sengoku. Made from 7068 aluminum, Cold Fire is middle-size with a multi-stepped polygonal inverse round H-profile, and only slightly on the small and light end of the spectrum. With its sharp silhouette, Cold Fire may look aggressive, but it’s designed so that all the surfaces you touch will fall comfortably into your had, and softens the playfeel considerably. With its balance of size, weight, and power, Cold Fire is a very finely made piece of equipment.

Enjoy the gap between how it loks and how it plays, and enjoy the pure power and fun the Cold Fire offers!

Weight (g)     63.8
Diameter (mm)     54.02
Width (mm)     42.01




A super-undersized bimetal?! You’ll be blown away by its playability.

Mini yo-yos have been a novelty for a long time, popular among collectors and players looking to surprise people. Mini yo-yos haven’t really found their way onto the contest stage, but depending on the player, the smaller the yo-yo the higher the potential for intricate, complex styles and developing new tricks.

In general, physics is not kind to small yo-yos, which tend to lose stability as they are too small and light to keep a long, steady spin. The Masamini is here to change all that.

The concept is it’s a mini version of the Masamune. The body material has been switched to 6061 aluminum to reduce the price. At first, the design was a novel joke, but when they started playing with the prototypes they realized they were on to something much more serious, and set about making this a real product. With the stainless steel rim and its clever placement, the Masamini absolutely defies conventional wisdom, and has truly startling power and stability for a yo-yo this size. Thanks to the bimetal design, the Masamini has some real weight to it, and if you close your eyes with it mounted on the string, you’d swear you were playing with a full size yo-yo. The potential of such power in such a small package is really exciting, and the makers found themselves dreaming up new ways to take advantage of this design.

If you’re looking for an exciting yo-yo to help broaden your horizons, you should pick up the Masamini. It may be small, but it’s fierce!

Weight (g)     65.4
Diameter (mm)     42.06
Width (mm)     31.97


[YOYOUSA]Magic YoYo – Carpfin, sOMEThING – Anglam Ver.CC, Jet Set EX


There’s something unique about this double-rimmed full metal yo-yo.

grooved H-profile, rounded with a double rim, the Carpfin is blessed with many unique shapes. The side face has a polished rim that is sure to draw eyes on the stage. Despite the slight roundness, Carpfin is pretty much a straight silhouette with a lighter feeling than you’d expect. The gap is wide enough without sacrificing playfeel, which is great for speedy and combo tricks. The price is even so low, it makes a great first metal throw!

Weight (g)     67.2
Diameter (mm)     55.99
Width (mm)     44.36


Anglam Ver.CC

From an inner rim to an outer rim design, this yo-yo was built for power.

This version Anglam, the signature model of 2011 Asia Pacific Champion Christopher Chia, is the most stable horizontal throw to come from sOMEThING. This edition has the same shape as the standard Anglam, all the magical changes are to the outer rim. The great stability of the inner rim model is only enhanced by pushing the steel weight to the outer wings. This not only has the most obvious effect during Christopher’s signature horizontal play, but it has an amazing all-around effect on tricks of all kinds. For players looking to level up, or to create brand new tricks, the Anglam Ver. CC is going to rock your world!

Weight (g)     67.2
Diameter (mm)     56.42
Width (mm)     43.19


Jet Set EX

This ultimate off string model is a triple collaboration, between sOMEThING, Japan Technology, and Michael Nakamura.

First originally released in a small batch at the 2016 World Yo-Yo Contest, the 2013 4A world champion, Michael Nakamura had a hand in its design, following in the footsteps of the JetSet EG, designed by Japan Technology’s Atsushi Yamada. The EX has gained much love since its initial teaser, and already established itself as a high-end model.

This version makes use a stainless weight, making the JetSet EX spin crazy steadily. In the low 70’s, it’s not a terribly heavy yo-yo, which means it’s ideal for speedy play. It moves as if there were no weight ring. The design was intended to be as easy on the player as possible, without sacrificing any of the speed and solid spin. Look no further for an incredible off string yo-yo, you’ve found one!

Weight (g)     73.0
Diameter (mm)     76.06
Width (mm)     56.39


2017JN (2017 Japan National Yo-Yo Contest) 1A-5A Division Freestyle Videos


2017JN Final 1A 01 Shion Araya C3yoyodesign Presents

2017JN Final 1A 02 Ryuichi Nakamura C3yoyodesign Presents
2017JN Final 1A 03 Hirotaka Akiba C3yoyodesign Presents
2017JN Final 1A 04 Masahiro Terada C3yoyodesign Presents
2017JN Final 1A 05 Yuiga Suzuki C3yoyodesign Presents


2017JN Final 2A 01 Takuma Yamamoto YoYoFactory Presents

2017JN Final 2A 02 Hiraku Fujii YoYoFactory Presents
2017JN Final 2A 03 Arata Imai YoYoFactory Presents
2017JN Final 2A 04 Kiwamu Ebata YoYoFactory Presents
2017JN Final 2A 05 Akira Kato YoYoFactory Presents


2017JN Final 3A 01 Tomoya Kurita CLYW Presents

2017JN Final 3A 02 Ryosuke Ito CLYW Presents
2017JN Final 3A 03 Mizuki Takimoto CLYW Presents
2017JN Final 3A 04 Minato Furuta CLYW Presents
2017JN Final 3A 05 Yuto Yamaguchi CLYW Presents


2017JN Final 4A 01 Takumi Yasumoto Japan Technology Presents

2017JN Final 4A 02 Rei Iwakura Japan Technology Presents
2017JN Final 4A 03 Takumi Hakamata Japan Technology Presents
2017JN Final 4A 04 Tsubasa Onishi Japan Technology Presents
2017JN Final 4A 05 Yohei Kagawa Japan Technology Presents


2017JN Final 5A 01 Takuma Inoue DUNCAN presents

2017JN Final 5A 02 Sora Ishikawa DUNCAN presents
2017JN Final 5A 03 Hideo Ishida DUNCAN presents
2017JN Final 5A 04 Naoki Uemae DUNCAN presents
2017JN Final 5A 05 Naoya Takeuchi DUNCAN presents
2017JN (2017 Japan National Yo-Yo Contest)