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Skull Fire Series #1 C3yoyodesign – KROWN, released on April 18, 10pm Japan Time!

The first model for the Skull Fire Series we just announced yesterday will be C3yoyodesign’s KROWN!

Originally, Hong Kong 3A Champion, Ng Wang Kit from Team C3yoyodesign gave us the idea for this Skull Fire series. He often tells us that he is a fan of Kazuki and wanted to get Kazuki’s signature yo-yo! (Thank you, Ng Wang Kit!)

Right now at REWIND, we recommend KROWN as a player’s first full metal yo-yo. It’s well-balanced, and especially the new version is very high performance, yet also very affordable and good for 3A and 5A.

I use KROWN daily, especially when I’m at home. It’s very comfortable to play with.

It has a very light feeling despite its weight, and a soft feeling due to its finely blasted surface which Shinya also loves. I can enjoy playing with this yo-yo without any feeling of stress.

I used to compete with the very first version of KROWN, and when I tried the latest version, it reminded me of that great feeling I had with the first one.

This new KROWN carries the legacy of the KROWN series as well as all of the knowhow C3yoyodesign has gained throughout their amazing 10 years of operation.

I felt that “I want everyone to use!” so we asked C3yoyodesign and they accepted our offer very kindly.

We explained the motif and logo image and Doro from C3yoyodesign made this amazing logo design! Thank you!!!

If you don’t have any of the newest KROWN, please grab one, and if you already have one, consider adding this special limited design to your collection!

【C3yoyodesign – KROWN】

New product series “Skull Fire Series.” from REWIND

Hi, everyone! This is Kazuki Okada, REWIND’s store manager.

Today, I would like to introduce a new product series from REWIND.

Every week, we introduce several new models and colorways at REWIND.
Nowadays, almost all yo-yos play great and we try our best to introduce models to our customers to best match their unique needs. However, we still hear a lot of “I cannot choose!” and “What do you recommend?” from customers.

As REWIND store manager, I have been wondering what we can do and have discussed this with the other REWIND staff members. During that time, a yo-yo brand owner told us that “One of our team members is a big fan of Kazuki and he wants us to make a Kazuki limited version yo-yo.” Also, some customers asked things like “I want Kazuki’s recommended yo-yos!” and “Are there any Kazuki signature yo-yos?”

Therefore, we decided to make a limited yo-yo series with my personal choices!

Not only yo-yos to be used in competition, but I will also choose them based on themes like “Models I use in daily life,” “I want to use!” “Such a great model!“ “I want everyone to try!” etc.

The design motif is “Skull” and “Fire” which is my favorite. We will call it the “Skull Fire Series.” Depending on the model or brand, the logo and color can be the same or different, but all the motifs will be “Skull & Fire.”

I will choose the model for that specific time, so basically one model will be a single production with no re-releases or reproductions for that same model. We plan to release a few models a year.

We will announce the first Skull Fire Series model soon. Please make sure to follow our social media so you don’t miss it!

Sengoku Samurai will be released on April 5th!

Samurai was well-hailed during its appearance in our anniversary box! Sengoku’s latest model, Samurai, will be out on April 5th!

Its never before seen M-shape made a totally new weight distribution possible for the modern contest scene!

The stable spin lasts much longer and it still works very well, even when the sleep is getting weak.

During the anniversary box release they sold out in one minute! Don’t miss this chance to feel a brand new concept with your own hands!

[Sengoku – Samurai]

Cadence ES will be released on April 4, 10pm Japan Time!

SFyoyos’ latest model, Cadence ES, will be released on April 4th.

This is Keiran Cooper’s signature model. He is a current upcoming player who won this year’s PNWR 1A and EYYC Open divisions.

Cadence ES’s very wide body makes string landing easy, and it also sports an amazing degree of controllability. It’s perfect for speed style and dynamic play!

There’s not much change in the specs from the original Cadence, yet its weight distribution has been adjusted and optimized so the spin power increased noticeably.

The body material is A7068, which is the highest grade of aluminum alloy used in yo-yo production. Despite that, they were able to keep the price low.

This time we have a special “Shibuya edition” of Cadence ES in limited quantity! Very few will be available online.

Every time we stock SFyoyos they disappear very quickly from our stock. If you want one don’t wait too long!

[SFyoyos – Cadence ES]