[CAMPAIGN] Value Set with Strings



Our popular string set campaign is back! Buy a yo-yo and get a great deal on string. Pick up a bunch of your favorite or try something new. It’s up to you!

Campaign Details:
If you order a yo-yo that is worth $20 or more, you can order string with 20% discount!

For example, if you order a yo-yo (over $20) & Kitty String ×100 (4 qty), you can get a $15.19 discount! The discount is applied automatically by our shopping cart system.

Here are strings subject to the discount.

REWIND: http://www.yoyostorerewind.com/en/hot-items/strings-for-value-set.html
YO-YO USA: http://www.yo-yo-usa.com/hot-items/value-set-strings.html

Campaign Period

Until Jan. 28, 1:00 pm (Japan Time)

Enjoy shopping and practicing. 🙂

2018 REWIND Ranking Top 10

These were the Top 10 most popular yo-yo models on REWIND Worldwide in 2018. Wanna know the best of the best from last year? Did your favorite throw make the cut? Scroll down to find out!

10th Silenus (Top Yo)

9tn St. Elmo (Turning Point)

8th Cognition (UNPRLD)

7th Borealis (CLYW)

6th Atomic Crash (C3yoyodesign)

5th Flashback (UNPRLD)

4th Cadence (SFyoyos)

3rd Loop 720 (YoYoFactory)

2nd Omnitron (C3yoyodesign)

1st Bliss (SFyoyos)

[REWIND Only] New Year Dif KonKave Bearing Giveaway Campaign

Celebrate the New Year with a fresh bearing for your yo-yo! We are giving away Dif KonKave Bearings for free! You can get one for each yo-yo over $60 purchased.

For example, if you buy two yo-yos priced over $60 USD you will receive TWO free Bearings.

*First come first served basis. Do not wait to place an order!
*Excludes Sale/Set/Special Items.

Event Period

Until 2019 Jan 14th 01:00pm (Japan Time)

-or- Until all the campaign bearings have been given away.

Get ’em while they’re hot!

[REWIND/YO-YO USA Buy More, Save More Campaign]

There are so many ways to enjoy yo-yoing. Play with friends, family, try a new play style, play with your favorite model, or try something completely new!
Get that one model you’ve been dreaming of, try out some new parts you’ve been eyeing, or pick up yo-yos for the whole family. No matter your current joy or goal in yo-yoing, our next holiday season campaign will help get you there.

This time, the more you buy the more you’ll save!

If your total purchase is:

$100 or more = 5% off!
$200 or more = 10% off!
$300 or more = 15% off!
$400 or more = 20% off!

*The discounted price will not show in the store listing, but will show in your shopping cart.
*Some New/Limited/Sale Items cannot be discounted by this campaign, but they will still count toward your purchase total to help you get the discount for other items in your cart.
*Your discount will be applied before shipping costs.
*Cannot be combined with other discount coupons.

Campaign Period:

Wednesday, December 19, 1:00pm (Japan Time)
Tuesday, December 18, 8:00pm (PST)
Tuesday, December 18, 11:00pm (EST)
Wednesday, December 19, 4:00am (GMT)

Use this chance to finish up holiday shopping and pick up something for friends, family, and maybe even treat yo self! Don’t miss it!