[Supported by DUNCAN] Buy a Duncan bi-metal yo-yo, be entered to win a Duncan Wheels “New York Toy Fair” Limited Edition!

Very soon, Duncan’s brand-new model, “Grasshopper GTX” will be available.

Duncan has also released some other great high performance bi-metal yo-yos. To give more people a chance to try them out, we’re running promotion campaign!


If you buy any of the following models during the campaign period, three lucky customers with a qualifying purchase will win a Duncan Wheels New York Toy Fair limited edition.


[Models subject to the campaign]

[Qualifying Period]

Purchase placed between March 1 and March 31

It’s a great chance to try Duncan’s modern bi-metal yo-yos. Don’t miss out!


JAPAN TECHNOLOGY presents: JT Legendary Masterpiece Campaign

This campaign is supported by JAPAN TECHNOLOGY (JT). JT has continuously released many great yo-yos over time. However, once a shiny new model is released, previous models tend to be forgotten or buried in the minds of players. All yo-yos are great; they each just have a different design for a different purpose. We feel that seeing so many great yo-yos go unused and unexplored is such a waste, so we came up with a campaign to give everyone a chance to revisit past models!

Many previous JT models will be deeply discounted! On top of that, they come with a JT semi-hard case for you to organize your collection, and also a Responsive Premium Linkx. The Linkx would be perfect as a gift for one of your non yo-yo friends to get them in on the fun, or you can even use it on your own to enjoy throwing some responsive play!

Don’t miss this lucky chance to feel the amazing quality and design of JAPAN TECHNOLOGY!

[Models subject to this campaign]


[Purchase Bonus]

Buy one of the above models and you’ll get a free JT semi-hard case AND a free Premium Linkx (Responsive).

This campaign ends on March 31st, or once the prepared quantity is gone, whichever happens first. Don’t wait!


9th Anniversary Campaign

March 3, 2019, is Yo-Yo Store REWIND’s 9th Anniversary and our Shibuya Store’s 3rd Anniversary.

We couldn’t have made it this far without your support, so big thanks from all of our staff to everyone!

To celebrate our anniversary and to show our appreciation to our customers, we will have a 9th Anniversary Campaign. This year it will last for a whole month with many different campaigns, so please check the details well!

[Campaign Period]

Until: Sunday, March 31, Japan Time

[Anniversary Box]

[Releasing every week! Brand Collaboration Anniversary Box!]

We’re bringing back our anniversary box which was very popular in Shibuya Store last year.
We made a box filled with limited/prerelease products in collaboration with our favorite brands. This year the anniversary boxes will be available online, too!

We will release them every Monday (Japan Time). The first one comes out on March 4th.

We will reveal the details as it goes along, but all boxes are of limited quantity! If you’re interested, don’t wait to order yours!

*Please note that none of the “Anniversary Boxes” are subject to be included in the total purchase amount to qualify for the Pad Set and Leather Holder presents.

Week Three: Japan Technology “Premium Linkx Box” Sold Out!

Premium Linkx is a popular plastic model that comes with a big aluminum hub face.

[This box contains:]
– Premium Linkx
– JT Semi-hard Case
– AS RECORDS – Generations CD (simple package)
– JT stickers

We got some rare colors of Premium Linkx just for this Anniversary Box. For now, you can only get them in the box. (JT may reproduce them in the future, but there is no plan to do so any time soon.)

Moreover, this box comes with the newly released JT Semi-hard case, AS RECORDS Freestyle music CD “Generations,” special stickers, and the price is only $60 !

This box may possibly be the best deal among all of the Anniversary Boxes! Do not miss this limited offer!

Release : March. 11th 10:00pm JST

【Anniversary Box 2019 Japan Technology『Premium Linkx Box』】

[Presents for Orders Over a Fixed Amount]

Orders Over $50 – Free Slim Size Pad (Pro) Starter Set!

Our new non-brand response pads are growing ever more popular. Since these pro pads are “slim” sized, they fit most yo-yos in the current market, and with “soft” “standard” and “hard” options they make it easy for you to adjust to your preferred level of response.

We know it’s hard to choose the right response pads for you and your yo-yos without first giving them a try, so we’ve put together a starter set to help you do just that. It contains 4 pads of each type for a total of 12 pads (enough to outfit 6 yo-yos in total). What would normally cost $15.94, you can get for the special set price of $13.99.

But wait! During our anniversary campaign period only, the starter set is on sale for $7.99!

Not only that, but if you place an order during the campaign period over $50, you can get a starter set for FREE!*

Don’t miss out on your chance to try these new, awesome response pads! We love ’em and bet you will too.

*You must add the starter pack to your cart to receive the present. Your order must be more than $50 before adding the present to your cart. The price of the item will be subtracted from your order.

<Slim Size Pad Pad Set>

We will give a brand-new original genuine leather yo-yo holder to everyone who makes a purchase over $100. (The holders are usually $19.99, and during the campaign time $15)

They’re finally available! REWIND original genuine leather yo-yo holders!
While we have the privilege of introducing new luxury yo-yos every week, there were not very many options for holders to carry those good looking yo-yos, until now! We sought out the best suppliers of good, quality materials and construction, and landed on “Shokido,” a handmade leather goods speciality brand.

The holders are made with high quality Japan made leather, and all areas that touch the yo-yo are fully leather material to prevent any damage to the yo-yo. Of course, they are all hand made by skilled Japanese craftspeople.

You can also enjoy the aging of the leather while using them with your favorite yo-yos, as they will develop a unique look as you use them.

We will offer these leather holders at a special deal price of $15 (instead of the regular price of $19.99) during the anniversary campaign period.

Moreover, we will give one free to everyone who places an order over $100.

Get one and try our brand-new leather holder!

*Please make sure you add the holder to your cart in order to receive it for free. The price of the holder will be deducted from the cart if the order price condition is met. Limit one per order.

<REWIND Leather Yo-Yo Holder>

[RULES for Presents for Orders Over a Fixed Amount]

You may take advantage of this campaign and receive all possible gifts. If you place an order over $200 you can get the gift set of the pads, smartphone ring, and yo-yo case.

Presents will only be given out if you add them to your cart. If your order meets the correct requirements, the price of the item(s) will be deducted from your payment total. If the present is not added to your cart, it will not be added to your order.

Limit one present set per order. If you wish to receive a second set, please place another order.

If you forgot to add the present(s) to your cart, please message us by contact form or email, or cancel your order and submit a new one with the presents added.

[Free REWIND Pin Badge with every order!]

Get a free special pin badge with every order!

The REWIND pin badge series is our longest running anniversary special giveaway item. This year, we got permission from our favorite brands to make logo parody pin badges (thanks for letting us play with your logos, everyone!). On first glance they look like your favorite yo-yo company logo, but look closer for a surprise!

We will include one badge with each order. Once all badges are gone the campaign will end.

[Special Thank You Coupon with every order!]

Everyone who places an order during the campaign period will receive a 10% off coupon in their order, usable on our web store from Tuesday, March 12, 12 am (00:00) until Tuesday, March 31 11:59 pm (23:59), Japan Time.

(Note: One coupon per package sent (not per item ordered). Applicable to orders shipped from Thursday, March 1, 1 pm (13:00) until Monday, March 12, 1 pm (13:00), Japan Time. **Coupon cannot be applied to some new, limited, or set items.)

[Be entered to win a REWIND 9th Anniversary Yo-Yo]

Place an order during the campaign period and automatically be entered to win one of our limited REWIND 9th Anniversary yo-yos.

There will be 5 winners and they will be drawn in a raffle on REWIND TV (Japanese Only) in March after the campaign has ended (to be announced afterward on our social channels).

*Applicable to orders placed from Thursday, February 21, 1 pm (13:00) until Monday, March 31, Japan Time.


REWIND is charging headfirst into its 10th year. We’re excited to challenge ourselves with new goals this year too, and will continue to do our best to enrich your yo-yo life!

Thank you for all your support!


If you’ve been watching our Instagram story today, you’ve seen these engravings:

Here’s the skinny: when we first started planning production for the Metal Yeti, we were nervous about making a lot of them. So we thought “Well, if we’re gonna do it, let’s do something extra to make it more fun.” We kicked around a lot of ideas, and we settled on a scavenger hunt. Announcing it BEFORE we sold the return tops seemed like a cheap ploy to sell you something you might not want, so we decided not to tell you until after they were on shelves and in your hands. In fact, we didn’t even tell the stores, and we just told our team last week. We really wanted this to be a surprise.

There are five Metal Yetis floating around out there right now with these engravings hidden under the Snow Tires. One of each color. If you peel up your Snow Tires and find this engraving, you win a Golden Akita.

The Golden Akita is anodized gold, with black steel rings and black engraving, and is limited to 8 pieces in the world. Five will be distributed to the winners, the other three went to Chris, Mark, and Steve because we are collector nerds. This color combo will never be produced again.

We recommend peeling up those Snow Tires carefully so you don’t have to throw in a new pair. Also, the engraving is on both halves, so if you peel up one and don’t see it, leave the other alone.

Thanks everyone. Good luck, and email us with a photo to claim your Golden Akita!