[IMPORTANT] Shipping Price Change & Introducing “International ePacket”


As of June 1, 2016, the Japan Post Office changed their pricing drastically for EMS which we mainly use. We have offered as-low-as-possible shipping rates to our customers for years, yet, with this change, we will no longer be able to offer the same deal.

As of last Saturday, we started offering a new shipping option called “International ePacket.” This is a newly introduced service by the Japan Post Office made to help facilitate this age of Internet shopping. International ePacket comes with insurance and tracking, but is more affordable than EMS, and is still faster than regular airmail or SAL service.

Official Web Site for International ePacket:

Thanks to ePacket pricing, we can now offer an even lower shipping cost to our customer for as low as $7 to all of Asia, and $9 to the US, Canada, Australia and Europe.


We will still have a free shipping option for orders over $200 with International ePacket.

Also, we will keep an EMS option for our customers who seek faster and more secured shipping, for $18.

Please see our “For the First-Time Customers” page for more details.

Thank you again for your understanding and support of our store, REWIND. We will continue to do our best to offer the most excellent service in the industry, and spread the fun of a life with yo-yo.

Hironori Mii
CEO of Yo-Yo Company Inc. (Yo-Yo Store REWIND)

REWIND-TV with Zac Rubino and Gentry Stein will be LIVE Friday night!

REWIND TV Worldwide is back with a bang!

We’re going live on Friday night (7pm PST, 10pm EST, Sat 11am Japan Time) with special guests Zac Rubino of Duncan Crew and Gentry Stein of Team YoYoFactory! Watch for an exclusive behind the scenes look at their summer Japan Tour, the usual yo-yo recommendations, and all the great yo-yo talk you’ve come to expect from REWIND TV. We’ll be answering all your questions so be sure to tune in live. Hope to see you there!


July 18, FRIDAY 7 pm (PST)

July 18, FRIDAY 11 pm (EST)

July 19, SATURDAY 11 am (Japan Time)


Results for Japan Technology x REWIND Off String Video Contest

Here is the result for Japan Technology x REWIND Off String Video Contest!


Grand Prize:
$150 gift credit at REWIND + Shift Change + Ashiru Kamui Light (44CLASH)

Jeon Ji Hwan (No.11)


1st Runner-up:
$100 gift credit at REWIND + Clear Hybreed[not for sale]

Zac Rubino (No.3)


2nd Runner-up:
$50 gift credit at REWIND + Ashiru Kamui Light (Pearl White)

Tomohiko Zanka (No.10)


Most Views:
$100 gift credit at REWIND
(The Most Views award will be determined by video view count at 5:00 p.m. (Japan time) on the day the contest winners are announced in Japan which was Jan. 29. This award may be won in combination with another award.)

Tomohiko Zanka (No.10)


Hybreed Award – Clear Hybreed [not for sale]

Tomohiko Zanka (No.10)


Eagle Eye Award – Clear Hybreed [not for sale]

Jeon Ji Hwan (No.11)


Special Award – Japan Technology T-shirt

Kei Hashimoto (No.16)


Idea Award – Japan Technology T-shirt

Curl Suzuki (No.6)


Hiroki Narita (No.14)


Congratulations to all the winners!

There are so many amazing videos who did not win this time, please check the other entries!

Watch All Video Entries!

Thank you for all your participation!


Video Contest Details:  http://yoyorewind.com/en/video/jtvideocontest/