[Zac & Gentry Japan Trip: Day 16&17] 2014 Japan Yo-Yo Tour: Osaka and Okayama


First stop, Osaka. After about a two-hour drive, we arrived in Osaka and set up for the first day of our tour. We had no idea what to expect. This show was in a reserved hall so it was mostly yo-yo players there to hang out and watch. We hung out with all the players, took pictures, held mini games, and performed for everyone. We are both feeling much more confident with our routines. Overall, we had a lot of fun in Osaka, and are looking forward to the next stop!
Second stop, Okayama. We drove half way to Okayama, and met up with Yoshi to have dinner. That night we also stayed at a hotel that was very different compared to any hotels we have stayed at in the US. The next day we did some sightseeing in Okayama before the show. The venue at this stop was very different than in Osaka. This time we were in a shopping mall, so there were a lot more people who weren’t yo-yo players watching. This stop was equally as fun as Osaka, and we think everyone had a great time at both shows.
After the show we drove back to Nagoya and arrived at about 10:00 pm. We stayed up watching and critiquing yo-yo videos with Hiro. We finally went to sleep at 5 am.


[Zac & Gentry Japan Trip: Day 13-15] Tour Prep

Today, Duncan officially welcomed Zac onto the crew. Zac is really excited for all of the opportunities that will come for him with this sponsorship. Gentry is still recovering from his sickness and spent most of his day on Nike ID creating the freshest colorways for kicks. He is feeling a little better and had enough energy to practice a little bit today with Zac. Overall we had a very low-key day, as we are getting ready to start the Rewind Japan Yo-Yo Tour.IMG_9177

[Zac & Gentry Japan Trip: Day 7] Tokyo: Harajuku & Shibuya

Today was another day of exploring Tokyo. We went shopping at all of the best stores in Harajuku including Supreme, H&M, Undefeated, Atmos, and more. After shopping, we headed to Shibuya for dinner and had miso ramen. On our way back to Ando’s we crossed the Shibuya scramble crossing, which is an intersection famous for being one of the most busy in the whole world.




[Zac & Gentry Japan Trip: Day 6] Tokyo: Meeting up with John Ando

After a 5 hour bus ride, we arrived in Shinjuku, Tokyo, and met with World Yo-Yo Champion and Shaqler team member John Ando. He took us to a few awesome places including a super famous tsukemen (dipping noodle) restaurant. We both loved it and have agreed that it is our favorite Japanese restaurant we have been to so far. We already want to go again.


Ando also took us to Tocho, which is a Japanese government building that has a really amazing view of the whole city of Tokyo from the 45th floor.
After a few more hours of seeing Tokyo, we finished off the night with one of Ben Mcphee’s favorite places in Japan, Mr. Donut. Definitely a favorite of ours too.

[Zac & Gentry Japan Trip: Day 4] Welcome to Japan!

Today we slept in till 12:00. We needed it. We both think our Jetlag is going away, and we are having more fun every day we are in Japan. While practicing, Zac ran through his Worlds finals routine almost flawlessly, his best yet.


The Rewind family held a welcoming party for us. Now we have officially met all of the Rewind staff and family. They are all so friendly and fun to be around. We were honored to be so warmly welcomed into Japan, and also the Rewind family. We also celebrated three time World Yo-Yo Champion Rei Iwakura’s birthday. To finish off the night, we went to a Japanese Karaoke box. This was the first time we did Karaoke. We absolutely killed “Boyfriend” by Justin Bieber, and a few other songs. We both thought it was really fun and entertaining, especially Hiro’s rapping, and Hilary’s “Super Bass” performance. Mad skills, and Props to Hiro and Hilary.