C3 Production log – “Railgun” and “Imagine Breaker”


Hi everyone, I am Ron, the production manager of C3yoyodesign. I always want to write articles about how and why we design our yoyos. Today, let’s talk about “Railgun” and “Imagine Breaker”. (Long Article Warning)

On 4th November 2015, Simpson wrote a post in “YoYo BST & Talk” asking for comments on C3 products. We got lots of constructive comments and the comment appear most is “C3 only design BORING V SHAPE yoyos”.

We can’t say enough Thank You for all the comments!!!!!!

After studying all the comments, we have an internal meeting about our future design direction immediately. And we come up with Two new designs: “Railgun” and “Imagine Breaker”

— About “Imagine Breaker” —
We are good at designing V-shape yoyos. No doubt, this probably is our comfort zone. But in these 6 years, C3 also released some rare shape yoyos like “Master Galaxy” and “Teleport”. We are capable to design different yoyos rather than just V-shape.

Spending a week to watch WYYC freestyles who are non-asian style players. We concluded to design a yoyo which needs to be:
1) Solid feeling and still able to accelerate.
2) Good spin time.
3) Good enough binding power for 10-15secs combo but not too strong like holding a beast back.
4) Easy to do rejection tricks.
5) Sand-blasted surface
6) Last but not least, this must not be a V-shape yoyo because of the weight distribution.

— About “Railgun” —
At the same time, V-shape yoyo probably is the expertise of C3. We are not leaving this field. “Railgun” is using our flagship model “Krown.st” as reference. We try even harder to push the limit with “Railgun” to recreate the similar feeling with mono-metal design. So we come up with these:
1) Speedy with good control
2) Powerful spin
3) Light weight in spec but play heavier that the spec value. This is good for long time practice especially Japanese players. Less the weight, less the shoulder stress.
4) Good amount of rim weight to achieve pt.1,2,3 = V-Shape!

Two different designs with Two different feeling – Railgun and Imagine Breaker.

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